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    Jan 14, 2001
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    Hello Everyone:

    since December 22, I have been off from work. My girlfriend and I flew to the Great Smokey Mountain in Tennessee for Christmas. When I got back, my supervisor called and asked if I want to take a volentery layoff. (Winter is the slowest time of year for the window building business.)

    What did I do? Worked on my layout of course! Here's what I have done on my month off;
    1.Finished "earthen" the layout.
    2.Finshed my hill
    3.Rebuild 50% of line 2. Took me 4 tries!
    4.Added a yard in an area thought not possible.
    5.Build my mountain. Still needs a radio tower with shead. Don't forget the skiiers and animales.
    6.Basic wiring blocks done for signal lights.
    8.Small towne passenger station.
    9.Got rid of the knockle couplers.
    10.Train no longer derails when it comes out of the hill!!!!!

    Since there is 3 more months of winter here in Wisconsin. I still have time to work on;
    1.Build my trackside maintance shoppe.
    2.Main passenger station.
    3.lake with vacationers.
    4.Frieght station
    5.House with a ham radio station
    6.Finish mountain. (see above)
    7.Add signal lights to unused blocks.
    8.More trees, people, animales.
    9.Log mill. (In question to add)
    10.Figure out, what in hell to put in the inner loop of the layout?!
    11.Second line needs to be balasted.
    We can go on....................

    As spring aproaches, bad weather comes to Central Wisconsin. This means my Ham Radio duties as a weather spotter comes into play.

    As for the summer? On those hot summer nights, it will be nice to work on the layout in the cool basement! My girlfriend and I are planning to take some train rides too. We would like to take an Amtrak ride from Central Wisconsin to Knoxville, Tennessee. Can anyone help?

    Before I go. The big news here is that the Wisconsin Central LDT might be baught out by Canada National Railroad. It has to go before the US government first.

    So, if you don't hear from me for awhile. Have a good summer. I dought it!!!!!! [​IMG]

    Happy Modeling,

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    Dec 23, 2000
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    Nothing like having to work. It always interfers with the hobby. i am working some weird shifts. The last five days i've been shuttling in n out of town, my days have been 19 hours long. Only time for sleep. i'm off today and back tomorrow [​IMG] What can you say?
    Kf4jqd have a good one [​IMG]