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    It'll take some considerable time for me to get the wheels rolling again since a lot of my work has been destroyed. I have not given up on my most ambitious project as of yet and that is to make a really unique and awesome tabletop game completely compatible with paper/card minis.

    I believe I brought this up in another time and another topic somewhere but with most of my information lost I'm having to start from scratch again. Here is what I want done and I'm going to need as much feedback as possible.

    What I had in place was a futuristic wargame of an alternate universe of humans facing off against other humans and aliens and vice versa. None of this grim dark future stuff that 40k that has plagued the sci-fi wargaming world.

    What I'll reveal from before that there was no armor save in most typical wargames. The basis of my game mechanic is you rolled dice to hit based on a model's profile in cover or out in the open then you rolled to test if your attack was effective to harm the model based on the weapon's firepower. Nothing really special now that I discovered there has been several games that done the same thing if not better than my own. (Flames of War, Battlefield Evolution, Dust Tactics)

    I believe I could try harder making my system more distinctive than I've already attempted. So I have a choice of sticking with D6 or use a bell curve 2D6 system for some dynamic which may end up sacrificing a bit of the fast pace feel of my current system.

    I'm having a hard time deciding my scales. For a while I was adamant with 20mm and now I'm choosing between 15mm or 25mm since 20mm is not very popular in wargaming these days.

    That being said I'll get the wheels rolling with pictures of progress, sketches of some designs and some concept art that I managed to save on a thumb drive that I'm currently re-working. Expect results soon.
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    This sounds very interesting! Can't wait to see the pictures! :)

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    One thing that might help you quite a bit and give you a tremendous amount of feedback, would be to go to some of the general sci-fi/fantasy conventions and do some market research.
    That would also be a great place to test it out as well.
    You could also contact Wizards of the Coast to see if they would be interested in backing you.

    Either way, good luck with it and I hope it will work out for you.