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    Mar 31, 2002
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    Greetings again everyone....

    This is my discovery of the Bachman Spectrum Shay...
    The little engine that could (....and does!)
    Lately I have installed a DCC decoder system into my B.S.Shay.
    This was NOT an easy job!
    First of all, I was suggested to install the Digitrax DN142 with the soundtrax Westcoast Timber Sound decoder specifically made for this engine into the tender. (3 truck Shay.) along with a 3/4" speaker.
    well, first of all, I found that the Digitrax decoder (DN142) does not cooperate well with the Soundtrax decoder. This created a hesitational movement of the engine as it rolled down the tracks and therefore had to be replaced. After attempting anything and everything legally human with the CV's of both decoder units I came to the conclusion that ether the Digitrax decoder is not suitable for the specific Soundtrax decoder or the Digitrax decoder has a bug in it. I discovered it was the Digitrax decoder because the Soundtrax I was using worked perfectly in another engine I took it from. (Bad head-on accident!)
    I took the chance of installing a Lenz decoder in the engine along with the Soundtrax and to my relief, works wonderful!
    The only problem I have is the rear lamp that doen't want to work. Oh well, worry about that later!
    well, that's it!