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    hi guys - i recieved an email from the folks of bachman UK announcing their new wireless ( infra red ) DCC system, It looks pretty neat , the price has not yet been announced for the UK and the US delivery date is uncertain at this time. What do you guys think of this system , even if it were not to even get to the shelves of US LHS? Would you consider this system from the website provided?

    Bachmann Europe today (28 March 2007) announced that a new website for the Dynamis DCC system has been launched. The new site can be found at and contains information on the soon to be released system, answers frequently asked questions and provides details of Dynamis stockists. It also explains the different products more fully.

    David Haarhaus, Sales & Marketing Manager for Bachmann Europe said today “Dynamis has generated so much interest that we have designed a new stand alone website for this specific product to reflect its international standing within the hobby. We recognise the power of the internet in being able to accurately communicate the many advantages of this wireless system which will provide a giant technological leap forward for Digital Command Control systems”.

    Thanx for checking out the site mentioned.. Im thinking of getting one, once i get some more ideas of its functionality..
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    I did not look at the site you provided, but I will relate my experience with "IR" wireless I have had with Digitrax.

    All Digitrax throttles come with IR capability. However, you need to add an IR receiver, as that is not standard. Also, IR works much like your remote control - it requires line of sight (or a lucky bounce off something that reflects IR) to work. If you mount the receiver up high, you might get a better shot at it, but you still need to point the throttle... If you have mounted the receiver in the facia, then you have less than 50% reliability, as line of sight is easily compromised by other people, or a bit of scenery, or being slightly around a corner...

    If you have walk around (but plugged in) capacity right now that you are happy with, I would save up to go right to RADIO wireless. That way, position, line of sight, IR reflectiveness, etc, etc do not matter.

    No matter how reliable the IR may be, you can be sure that Murphy's Law dictates that it will fail just when your favourite loco is about to take a plunge and you need to stop it immediately...

    My $0.02

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    I posted about the dynamis over a month ago, and no one responded. Too many digitrax users here, I guess.

    Per the dynamis site -

    Q — My TV remote doesn't always work, how can I be sure Dynamis will work well?
    A — Dynamis uses an advanced bidirectional IR communication. The handset and the base station stay in contact with each other during use, for example if a message send as a result of say a throttle position change is not correctly received the base station will ask for the message to be resent. The infrared transmitter and receiver components are duplicated within the equipment to cover a wide angle of view so it’s not necessary to point exactly at the receiver unit.

    I have seen the receiver - it has a wide angle with several receivers pointing in many directions.

    The system itself looks very cool - and if it includes the ecosiffer you can plug any other brand command station into it and use those accessories. For the price though I'm guessing they left that port off (gauging by the photos). But I do notice areas that SHOULD have connectors/jacks, so perhaps the jacks have simply been left off the bachmann version. Would love to crack one open to see!