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    Recently, Bob Collins asked me for info on availability of equiment in Australia.

    A summary of the info I sent to Bob:

    No probs with compatability. Even DCC, as the DCC stuff is from the US, and the US NMRA Standards are followed for loco wiring etc. A reasonable amount of HO stuff is made here, and a small amount of N scale are based on Australian prototypes. Other scales are pretty well fully imported. Power is fine as HO & N etc is 12 V DC, however mains power here is 240 V, not 110

    The only real difference is in operation. dual trackage is "keep left" ie:
    -------------------------------------> upline
    <------------------------------------ downline.

    Couplers may be different, as most HO stuff here uses what we would call "Powerline" couplers. There may be a US equivalent. Not sure. However most end up converting to Kadee, as part of higher level detailing or kit construction.

    Most loco's since the 50's are available, in all liveries since then as well. Steam is available, but in limited prototypes, and is usually quite expensive. Loco's are fine, usually betwen $90 and $200 AUS. Most rollingstock is based on Victorian, or New South Wales prototypes with passenger ansd freght stock available in
    most types since the 50's and all liveries. Rollingstock before then is available in kit form. (and very good kits at that too). Manufactured passenger stock is usually about $40 AUS per car. (reasonable detail, but no interiors). There are interior kits available for some, but not all.

    Freight stock is available from about $20 - $40 per car, depending on size/detail etc. Again, old prototype freight cars are available in kit form usually $12 - $25 AUS.

    Passenger railcars are available as kits (again, very good detail) incuding motor for around $200 AUS.

    Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide electric (cantenary) suburban passenger rollingstock is available as well, but is expensive, and usually in kit form.

    Most other "overseas" models are available and fully imported from their appropriate manufacturer (Athearn, Bachmann, IHC, Hornby/Dublo etc).

    If you look at my webapge, and the prototypes, all of the pics there are available in HO. (including freight cars).

    There would be at least 10 - 15 suppliers/manufacturers spread around the country. Usually a "hobbyist" that has set up a business.

    Powerline would have to be the major manufacturer (well, distributor) as they are all made in China (or somehwere).
    Powerline Models Check the "spare parts" page for the coupler info.

    Lima would be next, however I can't find an appropriate website. They make "Indian Pacific" (Sydney - Perth), "The Ghan" (Sydney/Melbourne - Alice Springs) "Overland" (Melbourne - Adelaide) passenger coaches and some deisel locos, and a range of freight cars.

    Steam Era Models is another, but they do not have a webpage. Steam Era Models is all kit contruction stuff. All the "red" v/line rollingstock, passenger and frieght that I have is Steam Era Model kits.

    Also try AER Kits. The do a lot fo resin moulded loco kits. However, just looking at the webpage, the guy has just died......... perhaps check it out in a month or so.
    AER Kits.

    Main West Models in another one, however he has shut shop for a while until he settles in to a new residence.
    Main West Models

    Hanovale Model Castings is another. Honovale It is mostly kits, and is based in Queensland, so prototypes are QLD based. Also many building and accessories.

    Lloyds Models (based in Canberra) is another.
    Lloyds Models very pricey, but the detail is excellent.

    Broad Guage Bodies (based in South Australia) has a HUGE range of rollingstock. Mostly kit based, and good prices.
    Broad Guage Bodies

    Austrains is good. They specialise in locos (and steam) and the only ones to produce an affordable Australian Steam.
    (Belpaire Pigs), but I think they are sold out.. Try here.. Austrains

    That should keep you going for a while!!

    Any particular prototype train, era etc you have seen that takes your interest? Let me know, and I'll let you know if it's available.

    Current exhange rates? Just do $AUS/2=$US

    I think $AUS = 38p (UK)??? (not sure)
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    Thanks Woodie for all the great information. As I told you earlier I think it would be fun to collect a train from every country I have been in. Of course, my problem with Australia is that I've never been there!! That will be corrected when my wife and I take a trip there in June 2003. I don't suppose it would be a requirement that I have to model an Ayers Rock on my layout to run an Aussie train now would it :rolleyes:

    I see all of the stuff in the Walthers Catalog(ue) from Germany and Austria and think some of it would look just fine on my layout. Seems to me that is the beauty of freelancing, I run what I want:cool:

    Thanks again Woodie. I guess I think if we are really interested in trains we ought to take the time to learn about trains from all over the world, right?