Are we "5" yet?????

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by N Gauger, Dec 14, 2005.

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    12-20-05...............Well, it's my turn now :D

    I've been highlighting our moderating team that has been around for the entire 5 years of The Gauge :) and it seems like I'm the last, all other Mods came on board later :)

    Back in December 2000, I received an e-mail from some board or another, telling me there was a new Train Forum forming here. I peeked in, (on 12-20-2000) thinking that it would be just another place to hang out... When I joined & stopped in for the first few weeks, I realized that this might not be "just another board"

    There was (and is) Talent here. People that take the time to sincerely help others, people that were great modelers (Specialists if you will) and a decent moderating team to keep the peace.

    After about a week, I asked if I could start an academy thread (The Builder's Plate) Paul & Dave said yes. :) It was my first assignment as an overseer of a thread. :) I had, at that time, done 3 websites, (One on the history of the Baldwin loco Works) and so, I was now part of The gauge.

    Later, Paul asked me if I would Moderate General Talk, I accepted.

    With Paul's, Catt's and Robins Guidance, I learned to be fair and impartial in the ways of dealing with people (good & bad) through the written word. Yes, it's a lot more difficult than speaking, there are no emotions in the written word.

    So, later, when Paul decided to move on, after 3 1/2 years of Admining The Gauge, Peter Asked me if I would want to do it. This was a great experience for me, I have been taught by some of the best & now I've been helming this great board with a great bunch of people.

    I've seen some great things happen here (Babies being born, Members having personal achievements) and some bad ( Members passing on, members having problems and my own personal problems) but I would never trade this for anything!!!

    This has been a great time in my life, huge support from my Friends, that I have never met face to face, great support from the modelers here and a Fantastic set of moderators, that watch The Gauge (and me) :) Keeping the peace, and keeping The Gauge a fun and carefree place to visit.

    Thanks to one and all!!!!!

    ~~ Keep It Gauged!

    ~~ Mikey
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    I can sure say if you do have a problem and need help the people here will help out in anyway possilbe to help you out. I have found the gauge by accident one day when I was looking for model trains and wondered what this was and I had a look around and that day I joined and have been here ever since.