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    Dec 26, 2006
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    I am going to repaint and re-letter some equipment. I want it to appear second hand, with a hastily applied paint job to cover old reporting marks and road names.
    I guess I want to ghost to old reporting marks and road names.
    I am going to re-letter them as a freelanced short line that has a strict financial diet.
    Can anyone offer me some tips on how to accomplish the look I am trying to describe?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Apr 19, 2005
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    I've re-numbered and re-lettered some of my Conrail and SP units using decals from Micro-Trains and depending on the size of decal you choose, you could pick a slightly smaller decal that can't quite cover up the former decal to make it appear quickly painted and not well thought out. Or you could get a real small brush...say a 00 or so...and free-hand it using an appropriate stencil to make block letters and numbers. You might even try a permanent marker with a fine tip instead of a paint brush -might give more of a spray-painted on appearance if you used a stencil to trace the lettering.
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    What I did was mask off th railroad name and lightly spray over it the got rub on gothic letters the appropriate size to put new owner name. then I masked off some of the car numbers and lightly sprayed over them allowing 2 or3 0f the original numbers to be the new car number
    [​IMG] here is another way I did it for open house one time. I live in Delaware this is PRR / Conrail country.