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    Aug 31, 2010
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    Well,what can i say???
    I',m Roland,49 Years old(?) until January.With the Launch of Apollo 8 i've got my Main-Hobby-Spaceflight.For a long Time i was building those Plastickits of Rockets and Spacecraft.In 2003 i was thinkin' that Paper will be the best Material for me.You can construct a Model and you have it allways on your Harddrive-just in case.So i did the SA-1 up to SA10-Saturnrockets in 1:144-and was very pleased about the Result.The last major Work was a Model of the Ares 1X in 1:72 with Interior.Here is a Link to a Ares Modell with LUT.I've made it in 2006 i think.
    All my Models have a Scratchbuild-Style.So im not working with PDF.Only in JPG and BMP.
    So thats enough for Today i think.
    Oh-by that way-does someone now what happened to the Apollo-Set Delta7 had planned?

    Greetings Roland