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    Hello everyone,

    my name is Fabian. I´m 22 years old and live in a nice little town called Schwäbisch Gmünd in south-western Germany. Found this community a while ago... now I finally got the time to join (and to improve my language skills :mrgreen:).

    I´ve been into building paper models for about 4 years. At the beginning I made some very basic models, most of them don´t even exist anymore (due to the fact that in those 4 years we´ve moved our place of living two times and some stuff somehow got lost).

    Anyway... currently I´m very interested in models of space crafts. Mostly real ones i.e. U.S. space program (I love the ISS and Space Shuttle models of Sir Alfonso) or Sovjet/Russian ones, even historic space crafts, but also scifi models from the Star Trek universe. In general I scale them up to a 1:60 scale but I also build other models like cars or planes in other scales (whatever it is given in).

    I like to have my models as realistic as possible (I´m sort of a perfectionist:cool:).

    Besides building paper models I play badminton, do a bit of mountain biking, I´m interested in sighthound races (not the commercial ones, just the ones for fun - we had a couple of salukis and an afghan hound some years ago) and also rallye sports (WRC).
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    Welcome aboard enjoy what the site has to offer. In the meantime, check out it has two sections, one for real space and the other for sci-fi. Some good stuf on the space program. Enjoy and see you around the forums.