AMT Klingon Bird Of prey

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    Thank you zathros! Now if I can talk my wife in to letting me buy a model, paint, and glue. I am already trying for more ink, so I may be pushing it a little.:)
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    Oh, I kow they will. This was an exercise to try and get some higher quality work out of you guys. Not you, as you painted that bird beautifully, but just to raise the bar a bit, and make some unique models, the hard to find ones,that are disappearing oh so fast. If you see a Jo-Han, grab it, no matter what it is, they just aren't to be found except by collectors who want a fortune. There are small stores that still have them in the corners all duty, and have no idea of the little treasures they have. I am always eyes open and ears click, when it comes to you guys. It is all on me though, as I make all the decisions. That is why sometimes, I have to do exercises like this to satimulate thought and debae. Since you all are very intelligent, the results are always as expected. Great conversation.

    If you wish, I will remove everything not related to your model and stick it in the "New Name for Plastics" thread, though, I feel this thread show the source, and answer to the situation, one, in the discussion, the other, in a fantastic paint job on a model that may not have been worth, though it can be greebled with PVC and that glued on with the model the glue us in PVC pipes. Try it on a plastic sprue to test first. Not saying that the model needs it, just saying that was what I used to do when I kit bashed. I used to take the heads of birds, the bone section, and glue jet engines on the wing remains, after careful cleaning, to come up with really bizarre organic jets, that looked like some post apocalyptic, "use what you can find" reality. May I should make another one. My wife made me get rid of the last one I had, she said it gave her the creeps.

    Let me know if you want me to cleanup the thread, O.K.? :)
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    You don't have to clean up the thread, Z, don't worry about it.
    As much as I'd like to, I haven't really had the time to really super detail out much these days...My job is very time consuming and stressful (I'm a freelance sculptor in the toy and comic collectables biz) so when I get any modeling time it needs to be stress free and above all, fun so my brain doesn't explode! I spend the most time tricking out the cocpits, and sculpting pilots if they don't come with 'em. I've been trying to finish a lot of the projects I've started before they break from laying around, and of course, starting more new projects! You have to know yourself and figure out what you can honestly accomplish in small modeling sessions. So, I try to work on things that I consider enjoyable. I'm not out to create FX worthy museum quality models any more, it's just not a realistic goal with the time I have to do it. All my models have some kind of flaw, but that's ok by me. No one's perfect. When I did try for those standards, I was miserable,threw out all my Fine Scale Modeler mags, and stopped modeling all together. Some time later I realized that what made me happy when I was just modeling for fun was painting with a brush! Sounds stupid, right? I have 3 airbrushes, and I hate using all of them. They seem to hate me as well! A friend suggested applying paint with a make-up sponge - I thought he was a nut, but I gave it a try, and it worked great! So now I work on models, painting with sponge and brushes, whether plastic or paper, or figures, in my living room out of a small box tray full of tools and paint, while the family hangs out, and it's a blast again! If they come out good I think it's a reflection of how much I enjoy the process, and just because I've been doing this for 40 years. My wife is very supportive, and doesn't mind the hobby at all, in fact, she usually surprises me with models I'm too cheap to buy myself! (Like the 1/350 TOS Enterprise I was just handed for my b-day!) Still don't know where I'm gonna put that!