American Cancer Society repaints

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    Oct 5, 2013
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    Hello and Good day Everyone. Tonight I went to one of the Relay for Life ACS meetings with my awesome lady.
    She works in the admin part of Walmart and for past 6-7 years has been the one organizing and orchestrating the teams and relay events for the different Walmarts she has worked at. It's a pretty big deal to her.
    While sitting there, I started thinking " Hey..when I get home, im going to put some feelers out on the Zealot forum and ask if any of the designers over there would be willing to take either one of their existing race car models or Airplane/ Airline models, and do an American Cancer Society logo and recolor/repaint on one of their models, that I could build to give to her, to put on her desk"
    So there it was everyone. Would anybody be willing to take a stab at it or give it a whirl?
    It'd just be a one off for me to build for her, unless of course who ever does it, just makes it available as a special livery, which hey...why not huh?
    I'd really love to see one done, and to build one. Let me know. thank you all. :)