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    Alan Rose has given us, yes us, you and I, we who are ZEALOT, permission to host his DC-3 Paper model. This model has been extensively re-textured and enhanced with many new liveries, done by our own Niebla de Fuego (Ruben Andrew Martinez). It is beautiful. It is here. It is for PERSONAL USE ONLY, not to be sold or used for any commercial reason whatsoever!! The following picture says it all!!


    The model is broken down into the following parts Due to uploading limitations, it also facilitates for easier downloading as the file is in smaller chunks):

    Alan Rose DC3 Part 1
    Alan Rose DC3Part 2a
    Alan Rose DC3Part 2b
    Alan Rose DC3Part 3a
    Alan Rose DC3Part 3b
    Alan Rose DC3Part 4a
    Alan Rose DC3Part 4b

    It is in our Downloads section. You must have made 10 substantial posts and have been here 4 weeks before you can download this model.

    The download rule is strictly enforced. The 10 post 4 week rule applies only to models in our "Downloads" area, not models found through various links and posts in the forum.

    If you have not met the minimum, don't even look at this model, or any other in the "Downloads" section, as this will show as a "Download attempt" on Rhaven's and my own radar screen!

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    Looks absolutely amazing :thumb: I love goonie birds...
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    She's a beauty, it was really kind of Mr. Rose to allow us to host it also. Ruben Andrew Martinez's re-texture is superb!! :)
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    There seems to be some misunderstandings of how and why we can host this model. Please, do not attempt to answer these questions, I will take care of them, Thank You all! :)
  5. Besides the DC-3, Alan Rose has designed several other paper models of different subjects (buildings, trains, ships, aircraft), but this is probably the one model people associates more with his name.

    After being out of print for more than 30 years (and reaching absurd prices in some auctions), Alan has been very generous in allowing this kit to be digitally restored. You'll find the whole story in the instructions book.

    I believe the most important thing to note here is this: that a great designer as he is allows the re-working and free distribution of one of his most wanted models.

    He could have denied permission.
    Or he could have re-released the kit at a commercial price.
    But no, he has been kind to make it available for free.

    Alan's generosity by giving the modelers this free kit deserves to be acknowledged and respected. And now that he authorized the kit to be distributed also at Zealot it will probably reach even more people. Hopefully you will find this kit is really worth the effort to get it. You won't regret it, because a great effort was put in the digital restoration.

    Alan Rose is the genius who designed the kit. I only sprayed some digital paint on it. Working on it was fun. Hopefully the modelers will also have fun building it.
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    Thank You Reuben for your information. I was hoping you could elaborate on the work of the genius that Alan Rose represents, and one of the great persons in this hobby. I think he is a father of this hobby. He was doing this before I could speak. I think his generosity speaks volumes of his persona.

    I also know that your work Reuben was a fantastic effort and was much more than just spraying some paint on a piece of paper, sorry my friend, but you did a fantastic and beautiful job on this. You will go down in modeling history, along with Alan Rose, who's name is etched in stone, and rightfully so. Your work on restoring this model is mind boggling!! :)
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    Thank you Alan! Thank you Ruben!
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    A big thank you to all involved in making this possible especially to Mr Rose for such a kind and very generous gift.
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    it is a brilliant model and many thanks for posting if i could just figure out how would love to make it as a military version
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    There is a "Paint your own version" option. You should be able to do that with that file. :)
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    Wow! My build list just got longer again, by 6' 4"
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    Downloaded and checked this. Wow... What a model this must have been in its time... I wonder how downscalable (I just made this word up :D) this might be. Even at quarter of the size the model would be pretty impressive :)
    (not gonna start this any time soon ;))
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    I've been thinking about making the back end, from the trailing edge. that way it would look like it was stuck in the wall! In reality, making the rear section would be tempting but it would be so hard to store a model that big, I think that's what makes Alan Rose's solution so elegant. It's been thought of. :)
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    Going down in scale is always easier than going up. :)
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    My wife has give me permission to mount this over the Fireplace!! I'm still in shock! :)
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    I'm starting to sort through the 1 mm stock. I want this thing to be strong. There will probably be some balsa in there. I'm tempted to make the back end and mount it on either side of a wall, but I don't have a wall that would be suited for that. I think some High intensity LED landing lights and motorized propellers would be in order! :)
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    That is awesome. I just completed a solid wood model of the Dakota but it is not nearly as impressive as this.

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    love this one thanks allen rose
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    I'd love to see you tackle with when you heal up. I imagine you will do great justice to it. :)
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    Zathros, you're one up on me... There's no way my wife will let me put something that big up in the house... On the other hand, I think I'll reduce it about 50% and hang it from my office.

    That way I still get to build at home, and it won't overcrowd my office. :D