AHM Casey Jones issues

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    Dec 15, 2008
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    I'll have to study what is in that zip lock bag.

    I have an AHM 4-4-0 frame I will be happy to donate to the cause; and the pizza cutter flanges have been cut down to a more reasonable size. The locomotive was in service untill about five years ago when I was trying to increase it's weight. I added some lead shot to the boiler with some GOO, and the goo softened the boiler, and made it lumpy.

    Unfortunately I'm out of the cannon copier motors Mack scrounged for me, one having one into each of my Mantua General kitbashes. I'll study what I have. the Casey Jones's tender is pretty sizable, and that is good, as the bigger a motor is the better your chances of getting good slow speed is. the only problem I have run into with the bigger motors is that the shaft runs higher than the shaft in the locomotive , which wakes setting up the drive shaft tricky. I'll get the boys in the shops on it.

    Problem is I work nights, and they work days, if indeed they work at all, and it takes a wile to set up a meeting.

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