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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by UP SD40-2, Mar 18, 2007.

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    **Advertisement**(for PHOTO FUN thread)

    HI FOLKS:wave:, its UP SD40-2(Deano:D), i don't know how many of you make it over to the Photography, Scenery, Books, Video section of this forum, but I want to invite you folks to the "Weekly Photo Fun" thread in that section of this forum;).

    OK, what is the Photo Fun thread?:confused:.......GLAD YOU ASKED:D, the Photo Fun thread is a GREAT PLACE to post a picture OR pictures of:
    Projects you are working on during the week:thumb:.
    Anything new you might have picked up at the LHS:thumb:.
    Any rail fanning pics you might have taken during the week:thumb:.
    Any new scenes you might have created:thumb:.
    Pictures of your engines and/or rolling stock:thumb:.
    AND MUCH MUCH MORE!:thumb: :D

    ADVANTAGE'S to posting/checking out the Photo Fun thread are:
    YOU get GREAT COVERAGE:thumb:. the Photo Fun thread gets WELL OVER 500 VIEWS EVERY WEEK!:thumb:
    AND is a GREAT way to see what others are doing:thumb:.
    IT also is a GREAT SOURCE for getting ideas of things you might want to do, or put on YOUR layout:thumb:.

    BUT Deano, what if i am not a "master modeler", or great photographer?:confused:....GOOD QUESTION! announce1MY ANSWER: 99.9% of us that participate in the Photo fun thread are NEITHER of those things either!:thumb::D THATS THE GREAT THING ABOUT IT, ITS FOR EVERYONE!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: So what are you waiting for:confused:, COME ON OVER and POST SOME PICS, or just check out what other "Gauger's" are up to:thumb:. ITS FREE!:D

    The Photo Fun thread lasts a week, from Friday/Saturday night to the the next Friday/Saturday night. ANYONE can start a new Photo Fun thread AFTER the weeks thread is CLOSED(usually Fri. night;)).

    THANK YOU!, for taking the time to read this!:D -Deano

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    That Advertisement stuff is showing up every where today. First the newspaper, then the radio, TV, bill boards, the internet and now the gauge. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    Just having some fun with you Deano. ;)

    Now I think I better take a look over there.