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    Adobe Flash Player not Working Fix
    Adobe has decided to start using LSO tracking cookies, which are not deleted, do not expire and is nothing knew, except now, their own cookies are conflicting with each other and a recent Adobe update is causing Flash Player not to work inside of Browsers. If you use Firefox, download the Add-On through the Plug-In Manager called "Better Privacy". This will give you control over the LSO cookies and your Flash Player will work again. If you find that another function, such as a flash game that you play or some log in attempt does not work, you can control what LSO to keep. Nothing that I use has been affected negatively. CCLeaner, AdvancedSystemCare, most other antivirus products do not remove these LSO's, at least no by default.

    The other option is to download the Flash Video through "Download Helper" or "FlashGot", all Firefox Plug-Ins. I do not use I.E so can't help you there.

    Incidentaly, most I.S.P.'s charge or have a limit on how much can be downloaded. If you watch a Flash Video, it gets added to your monthly quota. If you have a FlashVideo you like, you are beter of downloading it, and just playing it on your computer, this will save you money. I have found KMPlayer to be the best FlashVideo player so far. I have multiples, but like this one. It is free, as most are, one should not have to pay for these things.:twisted: