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    Hey folks,

    I've got a question relating to redesigning a production kit that I wanted to ask.

    I'm trying to build a card model of the USS Ticonderoga (CV14 - the carrier, not the cruiser) but finding an Essex class carrier card model with the Ticonderoga "long hull" variation has proved impossible. However, I did find a card model of a "short hull" Essex class carrier (the USS Intrepid).

    This is my question. Would it be possible to get a redesign of the Essex class deck to a "long hull" configuration? According to my research, the biggest differences are 1) the shape of the bow is angled on the "long hulls" rather than blunt on the "short hulls," 2) the flight deck has a pronounced angle to it for greater length in catapult takeoffs, and 3) the addition of some bow-mounted anti-aircraft weapons.

    I'd be willing to pay for a designer to make the changes. The model is for my dad, who served on the Tico, and I'd love to be able to give him an accurare model of his ship.

    If this isn't possible, then I'll have to figure something else out. If it is, please let me know what would be needed by a designer to make it possible.