A Fix for the Hasbro 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime

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    Feb 4, 2004
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    Those who are Transformers fans know about TAKARA's 20th Anniversary Convoy and the differences between it and Hasbro's release. Both cost the same, except it is no longer available from Japan and scalpers are double/tripling the cost.

    While I don't have a fix for Hasbro's short exhaust stacks, I do have an answer for the trailer (made from the box in the original TAKARA version).

    Right now I need someone with either the TAKARA or Hasbro version to test build my trailer kit; I do not own either, or the original toy, just a handful of these 2-inch-long ultrasmall transforming Convoys -_-.

    As soon as I know my design fits I can post it for everyone.