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    Dec 4, 2006
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    O.k. i have a couple of good solid loco's on the way
    I plan to buy a dcc system after xmas in a few weeks
    I ordered 2 books from amazon, and plan to hit the local library
    I am actuallually on my way up to the attic now to get my xmas lights and measuer the space and figure out what i need to get to make it habitable in hot and cold.
    I plan to use that pink foam from home depot another forum member turned me on to and nails/pins for the first couple layouts.

    So right now i have a shopping list of
    3 4x8 sheets of the pink foam for underlayment on my current track.
    2 heavy weight loco's suggested by another forum member
    Track spikes and pins.
    Digitrax super empire builder standard w/ dt400 throttle.
    Various mobile and stationary decoders. <== i have to do more research on these.
    Track cleaning solution
    Trucks/wheels misc parts for engines.
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    Mar 25, 2002
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    On locos: there've been a lot of complaints on the British forums lately about the new super detailed locos that are being supplied. Some of the foam packing is made extremely tight. A lot of modellers are finding the detail so fine that it stays in the packing when the loco is lifted out.