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    Jan 28, 2001
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    Hi y'all.
    I want to pass along some information George, up in Canada, has posted to 'Real- thing, Canada' and 'Board suggestions,"Shoot the breeze"', regarding proposed crew reductions on a major Canadian 'road'.
    I believe this to be very important. It's great to have a passtime/hobby, wherein we can suspend reality, or stretch it (or shrink it ?), but somtimes, 'the real' slips in and maybe if enough people tried to put their minds and hearts together, just maybe, a potential disaster could be averted.
    This may not be the place for this, and if I'm out of line, I apologize. But this is the place I am, and hope some good will come of this posting.
    Thanks, Lenny Kesling, the'Virginian