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    As many may know, 4 Shared now wants user from the land of the free to register, put bar codes across our heads, and Stars on our Bellies...............O.K., I made some of that up.


    I have found that if you scroll down and there is a "View Document" (as seen in picture below) when you click on "View Document, a Box opens up with the document. Right click "Save Image as", and you get the Full Size Image!

    I recommend making a separate folder as the files are named "Preview 1 to .etc.", and would delete other files if you tried to put them in the same folder.

    As you see in the Document box, in the 2nd picture the blue bars allow you to navigate around the box to view the image. If this method works, it works, if it doesn't doesn't, there will be absolutely no refunds. :)

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    that's cheating you little pirate :)
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    Why Thank You, I haven't been called little in a long time! :)
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    Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely try that next time. Those bleeping file storage sites are the scourge of the paper modeling hobby, but I can understand why people use them. Now and then I run across one I just have to give up on.