2816 CPR Hudson is heading our way

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    Aug 22, 2002
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    A cross-Canada tour with CPR Empress

    Get on board the upcoming CPR Empress excursion from Vancouver to Montreal. The cross-country tour, sponsored by GW Travel, is now offering coach seats on several legs of this rare steam locomotive land cruise, from May 12 to 29.

    All taxes are included in the ticket prices. Passengers are responsible for their own transportation to and from the train, as well as for lunches on board. Snacks and souvenirs will be sold on the train. All tickets are non-refundable and must be purchased through Station 29, using either VISA or MasterCard. The phone number is 403-560-3245.

    CPR employees, pensioners and immediate family members should call for special discount rates. (see below)

    Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of history in the making, as historic locomotive 2816, CPR Empress, leads the first cross-Canada steam train excursion in recent memory.





    General Public

    CPR Employees,
    Pensioners &
    Immediate Family
    12-May Vancouver - WCE Kamloops 10:30 PT 20:30 PT $450.00 $250.00

    14-May Revelstoke Banff 07:00 PT 18:00 MT $450.00 $250.00
    15-May Banff Calgary 19:00 MT 21:30 MT $225.00 $125.00
    17-May Calgary Medicine Hat 08:00 MT 14:00 MT $450.00 $225.00
    18-May Medicine Hat Moose Jaw 07:00 MT 15:00 MT $450.00 $225.00
    19-May Moose Jaw Regina** 08:00 MT 09:00 MT $125.00 $70.00
    19-May Moose Jaw Brandon 08:00 MT 20:30 CT $450.00 $250.00
    20-May Winnipeg Kenora 18:00 CT 21:45 CT $225.00 $125.00
    22-May Kenora Thunder Bay 07:00 CT 18:00 CT $450.00 $225.00
    23-May Thunder Bay Marathon 08:00 ET 14:00 ET $450.00 $225.00
    24-May Marathon Chapleau 13:00 ET 18:30 ET $450.00 $225.00
    25-May Chapleau MacTier 08:00 ET 20:45 ET $450.00 $225.00
    28-May Toronto Smith Falls 09:00 ET 15:00 ET $450.00 $225.00
    29-May Smith Falls Montreal 11:00 ET 16:00 ET $450.00 $225.00
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    If you want a picture!!!!!Remember this is Railway time so anything can go wrong.

    Here's her schedule on her way back from Montreal.

    0800 June 11 Dpt. Montreal
    1100 Arr. Smiths Falls Disembark Mtl. pax, board new group
    Noon Dpt. SF
    1430 Arr. Belleville Disembark SF pax, board new group
    1500 Dpt. Belleville
    1600 Arr. Port Hope Disembark Belleville pax
    1630 Dpt. Port Hope
    1900 Arr. Toronto Yard Create Empress/GO train consist, mechanical testing

    0700 June 12 Dpt. Toronto Yard
    0800 Arr. Union Station 0830 static event Track 6; Premier & Mayor among invitees
    1015 Dpt. Union Station Boarding of public commences 0930
    1145 Arr. Milton GO Disembark pax; public event; run-by photo ops; re-board pax
    1330 Empress dpt. westward
    1345 GO train dpt. eastward
    1430 GO train arr. Union Station Out of service
    1500 Empress arr. Hamilton Kinnear Board new pax
    1630 Arr. Welland Disembark pax, bar-b-q event
    1800 Dpt. Welland
    1900 Arr. Ft. Erie Outbound to U.S. Midwest leg
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    Thanks for the itinery Chris. Hope to see it in June
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    Oct 31, 2002
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    According to my club newsletter, the cross-country trip is sold out, even though the price was apparently an astounding US$26,000!

    I am very pleased that the train will overnight in Smiths Falls May 28-29 - maybe I'll have a chance to get out and see her.

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    Dec 18, 2003
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    What a HUMBLING experiance to have such a wonderfull train pass within 300 feet of my house!!! :D

    I was standing maybe 15 feet from the track's as I removed my CP-X hat and held it to my chest and had a proud yet sad moment as she went slowly past.

    I wish you all could have been here to share that moment :cry:

    I will get a pic with her this evening for you all