2:00 AM fire call

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    Jul 26, 2004
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    At 2:00 A.M. yesterday morning, we at Byers Fire Dept. were call out to a major train fire :cry:, (although the Wichita Valley Special was closed down in 55) with people screaming and yelling and acting like chickens with thier heads cut off. We finally got them out of the way and did our thing. :thumb:
    We don't know for sure just what caused the wreck. :confused: Some people were heard to say that someone sneeked in during the night and laid a jumper track joining the B&A to the PNW line and caused a head on collision between the two trains. :curse: Someone else said that the tower operator fell asleep. :sleeping: One lady said that there was a wild orgie party with loud music and drugs was to blame. She said that she knew for sure because she was there! :eek:
    We did manage to save the life of one lifesize female manikin, but we never found the manikin puppy that tried to put the fire out by hiking his little manikin leg.
    The only thing that we do know for sure, is that a lot of new track will have to be laid !!!! :D

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