Jan 22, 2015
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New Member, Male, from Northern New England

Still getting the hang of the place - and playing yellow car Jan 27, 2015

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    Home page:
    Northern New England
    What scale(s) do you model in?:
    SF paper in "page scale" (i.e. what fits on pg,) , SF plastic in what I can get, A/C 1/72 is nice
    What scale(s) do you collect?:
    It's mostly a make thing, not a collect thing nowadays (stash notwithstanding)
    What is your main hobby?:
    Currently mostly SF subjects in paper and pastic. Creating paper models
    Where did you hear about this forum?:
    Other paper modeling fora
    Started a long time ago after seeing a picture of a table full of 1/72 aircraft which started me off on a string of 1/72 aircraft for years. Since then have gravitated more to Science Fiction, Real Space, and prototypical aircraft in no particular scale - I'm more interested in what it is a model of.
    I've also been creating paper models for download on my own web site ConstantVariation.blogspot.com and conducted workshops and a panels at a local Sci Fi Con (Arisia - Boston) on paper models and sci-fi design. As a result I'm slowly learning more and more about how to use Blender to create paper models and about designing paper models.


    La maquina sobre mi escritorio es una "computadora" del latin "computare", no un "ordenador". El estado de mi escritorio afirma eso. (yo)