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Jul 17, 2008
Goulburn, NSW, Australia
Trawling through my archives I came across some models I had downloaded from a Russian site back in 2008. One of the models is mentioned in a 2011 forum post here. The site appears to have been archived and is still active. I think it's worth revisiting if anyone hasn't already come across it.
It's for the Young Technician magazine published in Russia from 2001 thru 2005 with two or four issues each year. To find the models, open an issue and scroll down to that issue's Museum on the Table item. There will be a link to the model page there. One or two issues have more than one model.
Using Google Translate gives reasonable results for the history and instructions pages. The quality of the JPGs is quite good and the models are well detailed.
To save everyone else the tedious task of tracing through them, this is the list of what's available. The titles are 'as translated', warts and all! I've left them 'as is' as I find some quite funny. Same applies to Google's translation of the articles - you know what they're trying to say, but it doesn't quite come out right :cool::

IssueArticle TitleModel Details
2001.1Mary Rose15th Century Galleon - 1:150 scale
2001.2Do It All Over AgainRolls Royce Thomas Flyabout 1909 - 1:32 scale
2001.3In The First Place -Intelligence TasksCaudron G-3A2 biplane 1913-1914 - 1:48 scale
2001.4She was called "Arabella"Captain Blood's three-masted ship "Arabella" - 1:100 scale
2002.1Porsche-9561997 Porsche-956 - 1:24 scale
2002.2The Secret of Back Cap IslandJules Verne's English Submarine "Sword" - 1:50 scale
Tanks in the DesertAmerican M1 "Abrams" - 1:43 scale
2002.3Greek TriremeGreek Trireme 1:180 scale
Viking ShipViking Ship - 1:100 scale
Wheeled shooting wagonLeonardo da Vinci's "Tank" - 1:??? scale
2002.4First in EverythingAlfa Romeo-Turbo and Fiat 131 1:32 scale
Farman-4Farman-4 Biplane 1910-1916 - 1:50 scale
2003.1Ostankino Television TowerMoscow's Ostankino Television Tower 1967 - 1:1000 scale
2003.2Both a Torpedo Bomber and a ScoutSwordfish Mk I Biplane 1934 - 1:60 scale
Anti-tank Vehicle2P-27 Self-propelled Anti-tank Vehicle - 1:??? scale
2004.1(duplicate) Farman-4(duplicate) Farman-4 Biplane 1910-1916 - 1:50 scale
2004.2Amphibious TankT-38 Amphibious Tank 1936 - 1:35 scale
Both in Reconnaissance and for CommunicationT-70 Tank 1942-1943 - 1:35 scale
2004.3Scout and TrainerSikorsky C-XVI Biplane 1915 - 1:30 scale
2005.1Dagger of the God of WarD-30 Howitzer 1:??? scale


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Aug 1, 2009
That is a GREAT find! Thank you very much! I'm adding all of them to my archive as long as they are still available. :)
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Jul 17, 2008
Goulburn, NSW, Australia
Erm. Oops. It might help if I'd remembered to put the link in the original post :hammerhead::

Young Technician Magazine

As with any Russian site, and especially in the current global circumstances, stick to the magazine pages and links. Close any pop-ups and unrelated pages and ignore them. Also, though you can simply print or save the instruction pages (after Google translation!) it's worth opening the embedded images for some models as a larger JPG sometimes lies underneath. Especially important with the assembly diagrams for the more complex models!