Apr 28, 2008
Madison WI
the other day, I picked up a Garden Railways magizine, found an article on how some guy took an HLW "Woodie", and changed it to R/C. Well, I wasn't thinking "Garden Railroad" while reading this article, I was thinking "Can that be done in On30?". After I finnished the article, I drew some rough plans, about to scale. I'm thinking when I have some time on my hands, I would scratch-build that thing (On30 of course) using an N scale motor (since that is still my primary scale) hidden inside the nose, scale lumber for the sides, and I have not yet quite figured how to do the wheels, but it is a plan. I don't know. it may be years before I even look at the plans again. but it's fun to dream


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Oct 11, 2006
Cincinnati, O.
The wheels are very simple...you purchase them. The motor would be a Mashima from NWSL or similar. A wood only model would perform poorly, so weight would be needed...perhaps cast lead figures in the cab or brass parts.

The techniques required to work in N-scale are almost completely different from those in O scale...so the experience you gain in N-scale will only moderately assist you in On30.

The most useful skill would be for you to learn how to photo etch at home.