Vietnam-new destination with Steam Train



These pictures are awesome!! They will give good reference for many a modeler and good reflection on the Vietnamese people. These guys are working real hard. My brother served in Vietnam in the U.S.M.C. for two tours of duty from 1967 to 1970, and was wounded during the TET offensive. He has a great love for the Vietnamese people.

As far as "the ugly slag heap", I m sure that we here in America can each them what to do with theirs, just do what we do with ours!


Nov 28, 2007
I'm a staff of Vietnam Railways, I'm trying my best to keep the history of Vietnam Railways. I've ever asked General Manager of Vietnam Railways to keep some relics, to build a Railways Museum but not succesfull. Now we and some people who love Vietnam Railways to make a forum of Vietnam Railways Fanclub at
I arrange steam train tour for pax, I hope this is one part of Vietnam Railways history. Last steam driver will be retired at 2013 and all last steam engine will be abandon, cut and will disappear. Hope that thread can introduce some of the last steam train tour in Vietnam to friends in all over the world.
From now to 2013 I have some tours, I will post all of tour for you. Thanks all of you


I would gather,from all over your country, as much support as I could, even court and try to convince local politicians of your government to keep these trains. Show them that these trains will be visited by people's of all over the world. Trying to keep some running could teach valuable skills to younger people. Search through America and China, Europe, all over the world, for Railway Museums, and show him how the heritage of Vietnam should be preserved, and how much these trains moved the materials needed for the rebuild, and continuing growth of your beautiful country and it's wonderful peoples! :)