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Apr 6, 2013
Digital movies, done with enough rates, and quality, so there is no jittery artifacts are excellent, but, nothing can bet Technicolor, first run, in a theater. Technicolor used a process that added the color to the surface of the film, rather than inside the celluloid. This cannot as of yet, be properly imitated digitally. Many IMAX theaters use movies filmed in the Technocolor process. If gives the movie a more live that life feel. I believe "The Godfather" movies were the last movies filmed in Technocolor, though the format is not dead yet, just very expensive, but the result is vibrant.

Good info here on how to apply the process to new quality DSLR cameras: http://www.technicolor.com/en/solutions-services/cinestyle-download

Canon Standard Profile Technicolor CineStyle Profile

High Contrast, details missing in the dark areas, Flat image with detail retained in the light and dark areas
which is excellent for color correction

Technicolor CineStyle Profile with CineStyle S-Curve
Color Corrected Image now with more contrast and more detail. olor adds details, a fact sorely forgotten by too many movie producers/directors,etc.