Tatra 815 S1 /ABC/ 1:32

Mikezax, the pictures look great! As per forum rules, we do not allow linking t0 pictures. Please upload the above photos to your thread from your computer using the "Upload a file feature".. This is because too many threads have pictures disappear, leaving a useless thread. Thank You. :)
Looks great! Lots of Tatra models out there. :)
Those wheels look like they should be checked for pressure regularly. They look like the real thing. Great job! :)
Iagree! The wheels and tires look GREAT and the windscreen looks good also! Like to see how you put those wheels together!
Yeah, a tutorial on wheels would be awesome, mikezax!! :)
Mikeaxe, I will be happy to read how you do your models so well. ;)
...thank you Rhaven Blaack:)

The model is finished,I will make a more detailed description:
-Tatra 815 S1 appeared in ABC 24/26 (1981-82)
The improvements:
- added interior (I modified the interior dedicated to another Tatras)
- on windows I used transparencies.
- steering wheel improved rubber seal
- I made 3D lights
- On Rear-view mirrors I use a mirror foil
- I improved wheels (with tread)
- on the pollution truck I used dry yellow pastel and sand
- I made the base from bulletin boards (A4)
- I used brown and green powder
- I made the pile sand from modeling clay and on the top I used sand
- I used pallets who did toudi_sk to papermodelers.sk
- Bricks are cut from the chopsticks on Chinese food (painted white)
- Wheelbarrow is from the Internet (adapted and scaled)
- Buckets and shovels are made of paper and wire
- The figurine is from kit MiniArt - British officers (painted on blue and on the top I used black dry pastel)

Final photo:
IMG_1839.jpg IMG_1841.jpg IMG_1842.jpg IMG_1844.jpg IMG_1847.jpg IMG_1849.jpg IMG_1853.jpg IMG_1860.jpg IMG_1865.jpg
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These models don't look so appealing when they are flat pieces on a paper. It takes a special talent to bring this to life. You sure did. This is an awesome truck, and it wouldn't look that good if I did it, for sure! :)