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Steam engines are definitely a completely differnt experience. It's pretty easy to see how railroads operated differently before the diesels rode the rails. Water stops, mainenence, larger crews, etc. And just the cab comfort difference for the enine crew between the steam and diesel engines. I bet few crews complained about being in the smoother, quieter, cleaner cab of a diesel!



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Oct 31, 2002
Ottawa, Canada
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India and China were also "hold-outs" for steam. I believe that Inda has even declared trains like the narrow-gauge Darjeeling (sp?) tea-train the equivalent of national historic sites.

I saw a documentary on the last days of steam in India. Incredibly interesting, including insight into the "company = family" dynamic that seemed to be prevalent in the first half of the 20th century in North America.

From a family history point of view, it was interesting for me too, as my grandfather rode nearly all the trains featured in the documentary during WW2 as part of the supply chain to British troops fighting in the Pacific theatre.

Nov 28, 2007
During March and April we arrange for some EU group visit Steel Factory and arrange Steam train for them. I enclose here some photos that special in Vietnam because not so much people in Vietnam know that: steam locos still in use :lol:
Visit to the steelworks Thai Nguyen and pictures of blast furnace area

Add more water and coal

Taking photo at slagtip

And at depot

Some where in steel factory :lol:

And tour with 030 (1435mm)

Need more water outside station

And other steam loco 131 (1000mm) this one made in Japan 1932.

Nov 28, 2007
In the end of 2008 and 2009 we decided to repair this loco to server for tourist

This loco made by Gia Lam Depot (Hanoi Vietnam) special design by Vietnam Railways 1965

Nov 28, 2007
We've just have special idear: that using steam crane pull train, steam crane too weak and run slowly, but very specially.

Update 8/5/2014.

Take photo with Mr Tim Doling - "The Railways and Tramways of Vietnam"

030-1035 service-able

Steam crane