Star Wars RPG model: Nesst-class Light Freighter


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Mar 17, 2007
Ark City, Kansas
So I've started a Star Wars roleplaying game campaign, and my characters have chosen a beat up old SoroSuub Nesst class light freighter as their primary mode of transportation. It's a hunk of junk, but it's theirs, darnit! :D

So to make the game a bit more exciting, I've decided to try and make a paper model of their freighter. Not only that, it will have removable sections to reveal the interior for some miniatures roleplaying.

So far I've got the exterior pretty much done. I might do the little thrusters on the sides, but I'm guessing they'll end up as textures. I've also got a significant chunk of the lower deck's floorplan built. I hope to get at least the model completed by next Friday's session so I'll have something to show my players.

Here's the model as a whole:

And here's the lower deck:

I'm following the floorplan provided on the Star Wars Deckplans Alliance site, which I think is pretty good. I'm not going to have the ceiling of the sections finished so as to make construction just a bit easier. The top deck will have some windows though, so I'll need to detail the hallways and the bridge in the upper half of the deck.


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Mar 22, 2014
This is a very nice concept at one point you said you can open it but how will it be attached and detached?
Nice work again.