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Ing. Spendlik

Mar 18, 2009
Hi guys!
I just found this section of forum (thanks to Zathros). I am not good at drawing or making illustrations, so I will post some of my render attempts. I am using Rhinoceros 3D version 4 with its own rendering core.

render-arc170.jpg render-jetbike.jpg render-tancik.jpg render-tanciky.jpg

3D models of Jetbike and Dreadnought could be downloaded on my site, in model section.
Hope you like it, any comments or critics are welcome.
Ing. Spendlik
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Thank you guys! :) One more image from my collection.

This is WIP model of Matsumoto-14 - robot from RobotJox movie. Maybe one day, you will be able to download it as a paper model (maybe).

Revell-Fan: "Spendlik" in slovak language means "tailor pin". I chose this nick looong time ago - as a joke and it turns out that it is not so bad so I am still using it :) And what you see as my avatar is only an upper part of the whole drawing of comic tailor pin. It has been drawn by Alien99 (Jan Rukr) and than "turned into digital curves, points and fills" by my younger brother. Full drawing is below :) Hope you like it
I thought you would like this section, it a way of showing your works, without "showing off", and the members really enjoy looking that these works. :)
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Just as a reminder, this is where people can post their computer work, artistic work, etc, as an end unto itself, without expectation of their being a paper model that follows. More than likely, almost positively, there won't be any model. Enjoy the Artwork. Know that some of these computer Renders take many hours to make.
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Wow, that's pretty amazing you would download that. That's usually where I draw the line except for parts I have designed for people. Excellent workmanship in there!! Rhino does have a good rendering engine and if you combine the textures, lights, etc, you can come up with some really interesting Renders, which if used for parts, makes for parts coloring that would be difficult to duplicate any other way. :)
Looks good! Don't worry, my rendering attempts have to be improved as well..! ;) :)
Nice thing about Rendering with Rhino, you can then apply the shadows, etc, to the parts, and print to file, and your template now has all the texture work on it. ;)
That platform is superb!! You've found your way back alright!!! ;)
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