Some 2TRAK stuff



Ain't much progress but here's the start. :D

Stay tuned furr future developements.


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Jan 28, 2001
Looks great, Catt! :thumb:

I take it that "2-Trak" is a variation of N-Trak...?
Are the module standards the same, using 2 mains, instead of 3? Or are the modules themselves smaller?


Drew,the only actual difference between 2TRAK and NTRAK is indeed just elimanating the inner track.Modules sizes are still the same.These modules are actually our old NTRAK modules with some track removed and some just simply moved.These 4' corners are the first we had and date back to 1993.We switched over to 3' corners in the late 90s and never looked back :D

While this layout is modular (the 4 straight modules are actually two pair.) the layout is not meant for mobile exhibition.In other words it has taken root where it is until we move again (the group not me).


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Oct 12, 2005
I have a question, why not just convert them to bend track modules? Are our modules 2' wide, then it would be simple and your corners would still work, all you would need would be 2 "Balloons".

Just a thought.


I finally remembered to take the camera last night and got a few update pictures of the area I am every so often working on.

First pic shows a view of the elevator siding to the left and the relocated siding on the right.those elevator silos are 84' tall and are actually short for modern silos.

Second pic gives you an idea of how long the elevator siding is at the moment (the elevator itself will be 24" long by the time it is finished).The siding mnay get even longer as the layout is getting a 48" exstention between the elevator and the corner module.Should happen before fall.

This pic just shows how I laid out the siding.Lots of things to do yet including crossing flashers possibly with working gates ,and road markings too.

This pic is just to give you an idea of how tall those silos really are.FYI all vehicles on this layout are 1:144th scale.The blue Kenworth in the photo thread will be on this layout when it is done.

By the way that is Bill in the center of the layout,he is the one building the yard. :D Bob is in the doorway in the second pic,he is one of our HO modelers but is currently working on a 4'X8' Lionel layout.

[EDIT] WOW! I can't believe it's been over 2 years since I've updated this thread.I will be posting more pics before the week is over :eek:ops:


Jan 25, 2004
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That's actually pretty nice because you could still effectively get together with N-trak modules and it would still work. Some people would just have to get over the fact that they wouldn't be able to use their blue line except for static display/storage


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Jan 27, 2001
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I am currently working with some other individuals on a layout that has 24 modules that utilize a 2 track standard with some modules having three tracks that would be compatible with N-trak except for the fact that we have not isolated the mains because we are 100% DCC. Twelve of the modules are largely complete, four others were converted from some former HO modules (80% complete), and the rest have trackwork that is 85% complete. I have attempted to attach a file that shows our track plan. I may be able to find some pictures that will be suitable for uploading; but, I'm afraid, that most of them are too large.




Here are a few pics to show some of what has been done on the 2TRAK.There has been quite abit done that dummy me never documented :(

The last 3 pics show the other side of this corner module which by the way was built in 1994.

I need to find some time to sort through my pics to show just what we've done and what we want to do.Some of these pics are outdated.