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Mar 9, 2018
sorry for the late comeback.

nothing is out of your league, trust me. i used to say that a lot in the past. the kit seems overwhelming but it's consisted of relatively simple shapes (nothing to fancy).

i do not consider myself the best modeler even after 10 years of doing this (i still have a lot of flaws in my models) but the main difference between a simple and a complex kit is usually the level of details which (IMHO) are usually simple shapes (although a of of them). you won't be able to say that huge steps are accomplished after every session of cutting/gluing and the overall build might take weeks, even months (although i still have models started more than 3 years ago which still await completion).

it took me around a year to complete this model - not due to its difficulty, but due to the lack of time. sometimes i was thinking that i want to see the model finished and i really didn't had the nerves to keep working on it, but i continued to do so and i finally managed to finish it; and the feeling is awesome.

what you can do is start a "difficult" model and work on it, but keep doing simpler models in the mean time (when you want to build simpler/quicker models but don't have the mind set to focus on the "difficult" one) so you keep your interest in papermodeling - this is my approach. it will take some time to complete it but the wait will be worth every minute spent building it.

so get your blade moving and don't give up ;)
Thanks for those words. It has me rethinking this build
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Apr 6, 2013
You build one part at a time. Sam goes for C.A.D., you design one part at a time. You will then, by being careful and accurate with the building and fitting of these parts, the model you wish, built to the best of your abilities, and all of us learn by just continuing. ;)