RC Trailblazr - Custom Off-Road Camper Trailer - Built by Sator Rotas!!!!

adventure girl

May 8, 2014
Good day guys n gals,

Last week I was very surprised and fortunate to receive a very special gift from a great friend named Sator Rotas! A custom built camper for the Team Raffee Co. Off-road trailer (LINK BELOW) Sator (Pascel) Is an amazing RC hobbyist from France who has a phenomenal skill for RC custom accessory builds. His scale garage build is by far the best diorama on the planet. This 1/10 garage replica is jam packed with amazing items such as a working drill press, a fully functional coke can dispenser, working shop lights, a tire balancer and one of his most recent projects a custom pool table! His life like garage has everything under the sun that any RC enthusiast would love, from every tool you can imagine to a cool office space and even a bathroom for his characters. His precision skills are seen in the details and shown down to every item, which for me is a real pleasure to view over his build videos on YouTube and pictures on Facebook. Now at my amazement I get a chance to share with you a great piece of his work with this off-road camper. Trail blazing & scale Camping has hit the 21st century in this build with a pullout table, a slide out double cooking burner with fridge, two jerry cans for fuel, a hide away awning, a brazed metal roof rack and storage galore! Built from styrene this lightweight aerodynamic design will surely make for some amazing off-road travel and camping for my driver Keith. Im so thankful for Sators time in building this and hope this and future videos inspires folks like you to learn more about Sator and the custom availabilities of working with styrene. I really look forward to creating exciting videos with this camper trailer in future. Thank you for watching and please make sure you go follow Sator Rotas for his next video and future builds on Facebook & YouTube (LINK BELOW) In this clip i had to use zip ties to attach the trailer to the jeep. I'm waiting for a scale hitch to arrive, what you see at the end is that cheap zip ties are useless for this as I must have broke about 20 of them trailing this day hahahahaha. Thank you for watching and until next time...