Opinions about kits


Mar 10, 2007
Southern NJ, USA
In my very limited experiences with paper kits, I can make two assertions on this subject.
IMO, the German-made kits are superior in graphics and design. I wouldn't hesitate to buy more kits from Wilhelmshavener and Schreiber. They look great and are a pleasure to build. Much in part to Deutsch passion for accuracy and precision- a trait well known the world 'round..... paper kits or otherwise......

On the other hand, some JSC kits and others from Poland and the Netherlands have had me tearing my hair out. A challenge is sometimes fun, when the end result looks good. Then the challenge becomes worthwhile, right?
I have built JSC kits that were a nightmare to finish with results that were mediocre at best...... a damn shame given that I love the idea of 1:400 waterline ships.:cry:
i personally have only built kits from

i also have a bunch of maly helis that wont get built they seem to be printed on prawn crackers:mrgreen:

i moved from digital kits to pre printed as a great deal of my older models were looking real tatty in a short space of time my pre-printed kits were still looking as good as the day they were built so i moved on to only building them there were a few exeptions i wated to build gremirs 1;25 tempest for which i purchased expensive water resist card ..but i could not get the kit software to function on my pc despite help from gremir models at which point i pretty much gave up on digital kits

gpm: generally very good they model some intersting subjects like drasines/armoured train that nobody else does there printing is good with very fine textured card

modelik:a little bit unpridictable with numerous fit issues with some kits but another publiser that produces some interesting subjects like ww1 afvs the printing can be a bit spotty with faded areas and gremlins but overall ok for the cost

answer:the model quality seems consistantly good with some interesting subjects the card q seems to vary i have a he-100 thats printed on quite grainy card but an su-100 thats perfect the printing would be exelent but my latest purchase of a very odd color(off contrast) t-34 puts that in a different light

orlik: im working on an orlik kit at the moment the kamov-a7 and its one of the best kits ive got card is silk textured the printing is lush the fit is perfect i also have a gloster pioneer which looks to be of a simalar standard

papershipwright: ive only built one of there kits which was duly eaten by the dog...however it was perfect the subjects are interesting the kits are well desgned the printing is perfect on good q card parts are printed on a card that is sutible for there construction(light card for rolled parts)

i also have a couple of WAK and HALINSKI kits which i havent yet built/started so i cant pass jugement however they are of a very high standard with perfect printing on card that lacks any texture