Off-Road Remote Control Heaven - Canmore Alberta Canada - RC Trailblazr

adventure girl

May 9, 2014
Well well my friends I'm very happy yo be able to bring you back to this pristine location. Not many folks get a chance to trail in these types of places so we want to be able to give our respects to the park and share them with you. I am very thankful for my sponsor, friends and viewers of these videos. I honestly couldn't do it without all the amazing support. There is a ton of negativity in our world and my mission is to counteract it with these videos. To create entertainment in short form video for all ages and gender. On that note if you are like me and need support in your goals & hobbies then I would like to help. Don't be afraid to send me a message if you think I can help! Thank you for watching and until next time pals!!!