My F-117 Nighthawk project post 1



So I just trace the template onto printer paper, build a mockup, and repeat that about three times while tweaking the templates.
I will try to constantly update!!! I have made an f-117 but none of them was as good as this.

BTW!!! This is SUPER DUPER exiting for me as I have found a lugin PERFECt for making mig-15;s, 21,s f-14's, or any rounded plane!!!
it is built into inkscape and works like a charm: here it is!!!


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This is looking great! Thank you for the plugin. I'll definitely check it out. :)
I installed the plugin but it does not work on my machine. I have InkScale 1.2 on Windows 10. Is it working for you? If yes, what did you do to make it work?
Still with the f-117, making every small detail is so fun!!!


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Nice to see you find your way in working with inksvape. Your template is looking good.
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The cockpit opening is crooked. Fix this stuff now, later it will be impossible. Looks good though. :)
That is absolutely AMAZING!!! You are doing a phenomenal job on these! :)
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Excellent!! They look great. Interiors are nice, but if you darken the windows they aren't necessary..

The scramjet is really nice. I'd like to see more pics of that and the SR. ;)
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