Moble cardmodeling


Jun 25, 2005
Anchorage, Alaska
I'm planning on an artshow in 9 month. After than I'm going to set up model kits for kids and educators. I might do worldbuilding presentations at science fiction cons. I'll explain how to take latitude and axial tilt into account when mapping science fiction and fantasy worlds. For those goals I need to make a lot of models, so I'm carrying my card modeling with me. When I meet with other writers I fold and glue. I even had it with me at church this am. Not during the service, but during donuts and coffee. Here's my moble setup. I've got two strips of hook Velcro inside a briefcase style camera case to hold tools. It's designed with movable compartments for lens. The parts I'm working on go inside the old video case and the packaging from a lightbulb. I have glue in a small bottle purchased from a craft store. I hit the after Christmas sales. There is also room for stories I'm working on, a calendar, copies of my published book, book swag, and my business wallet with Square to take credit cards.20180107_215030.jpg 20180107_215024.jpg
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Apr 6, 2013
Great that your share your knowledge with the little nose pickers. Just take plenty of hand sanitizer because they'll love you and give you kind of cold that takes months to go away!! ;)
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