Metal Earth Models of the Star Wars Universe

Not as clean as I wished, but - that is the advantage of paper - no part which is broken can be reproduced.
So I had to use glue :headbange: to be able to finalize it. Not my best work but this is not a problem of the model.
The model itself is good als all the models done til now.
actually I just realized what these the wife gave me two Metal Earth models a year ago ..a Tractor and a Tarantula ... I took ONE look at the sheets and put them away and just now pulled them out to check and see if they were from the same company.. YEP! I have to use a jewelers Loop to see these parts!!! Admiration..just went up ;)!!!
I have also purchase quite a few of these Metal Earth models (Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman, Tanks, Planes, Halo) but they just stare at me from the shelf in their packages. Big hands and fat fingers are not conducive to small parts.. lol
Oh yes - parts are sometimes very small. I use forceps and tweezers to handle them. With these tools (and sometimes with glue - unfortunately) it works.

Next ship - one of the more easy ones - mostly not so small parts.
If someone wants to start with this kind of puzzle - this is the recommended kit to do. Rather easy and not too small parts.


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Very nice Starbuck! Out of curiosity, have done Vader's TIE? I found the guns tricky (the fact there was a spare in the kit says something...) Ended up superglueing them to the cockpit.
Hi Cypergrinder,
funny that you are asking - next project will be Vader's Tie. Thanks for the warning - I will keep you informed whether or not I will have problems with the guns.
Sheesh!! Maybe I have some kind of latent Jedi powers latent, I already have bent the heck out of mine as I look into the future and see my failure at constructing it, and know I can't, I haven't even got the Blimp done, my wife putting a book on it didn't help. Maybe I should make the wreck of the U.S.S Shenandoah Airship Disaster diorama.!! Yours came out perfect, you really have the hang of these! :)

A good disaster diorama can also be a piece of art - and certainly better than to quit and put it in the dust bin. ;)
I have to state, that the difficulty of the models is very different. Maybe yours is one with a high difficulty.
My start was the Millenium Falcon and this is a model with a rather low difficulty. Good luck for me as I otherwise
would have given up with this kind of puzzle. The most difficult parts are (beside the very small parts) all parts which have to be made round.
My problem is fat fingers, which I are remedy with the tweezers and surgical clamps I have, and the general problem I have with my hands since the Spinal Cord injury. The smaller the model, the harder. Ironically, it is my neck and base of the Brain that hurt when I use my hands like that, not my hands, though the pain is "referred" there.

You do have a knack for these, and the painted ones are outstanding!! I like those the most. :)
Very nice Starbuck! Out of curiosity, have done Vader's TIE? I found the guns tricky (the fact there was a spare in the kit says something...) Ended up superglueing them to the cockpit.
Finalized. Jep guns were tricky. But I solved them by not following the instruction. I did not close the cockpit section immediatelly. I first mounted all parts were the tabs are inside the cockpit section.
Unfortunately Picture Upload (without hosting) is not possible at the moment.
I also finalized the BB-8. No small parts, but........Everything should be round!! - That is also a challange!
Pictures to follow when "normal" upload is working again.
Hey Starbuck:
Awesome models.
I was curious if you made progress pictures of the build for Vader's ship.
I purchased the model a few months ago but haven't started it. I was wondering about any hints other than what you had posted about the guns.