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cg admin

Aug 1, 2008

Hello all,

In an effort to speed up fixing any problems on your forum, we have created this new support area.

The main support board is for all users, and this sub board is for mods and supermods to report issues on the forum, that may not be suitable for all to see.

From now on, we would like to use the following structure for reporting problems:

User level problems (to be posted in the main section) - If you feel that you need additional support regarding any of these problems, please report the problem in this section of the board, giving as much information as possible.

Forum level problems (to be reported in the staff sub-board)– These might include anything that can’t be resolved by forum moderators or Supermoderators, i.e: user profile edits (login problems etc), problems with the forum (i.e. forum software related issues that need to be resolved by an admin), errors on the forum, also anything that might not be suitable for all users to see.

Any of these types of problems should be reported here in this board.

Reporting a Problem

When reporting a problem in the Support board, please include as much information as possible, giving the thread a relevant title.

** If applicable, please include any error messages you see.

Once the thread has been created, our team will be notified directly, and will take the appropriate action, to try and resolve the problem, as quickly, and effectively as possible. We will also update the thread to keep you up-to-date on the progress.

If you are unable to post on the forum, the following link can be used as an alternative:

Many thanks
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