Heli Simulator


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Jan 9, 2010
WooHoo - I didn't realise there was an RC channel here. Nice!

Just had my first (hopefully of many) heli lesson on the south coast of England and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Am now looking to save the amazing amount of money needed to get PPL but in the meantime want to start flying model helis.

Having done a bit of research about these I think I'm going to start with a simulator & controller package and learn to fly indoors. What? Go outside? I'm a computer nerd; I might have to talk to people in real life...to their face! :)

Anybody have any good recommendations, preferably from experience, about a decent heli simulator? RealFlight appears to be the best one from my reading, but I don't really want to spend that much money on software (rather spend it on the controller).

Thanks for any response...or even interest!


Oct 8, 2010
Well, Simulators are fun, but I'dd recomend getting a easy to fly heli, such as the s-pro ($50+sh) from Hobbyking or a Walkera CB100 (too bad, the sale at HK is over, but usualy sells for quite less then 200 incl. shipping).
The first one is inexpensive and easy to fly, the second one a bit more sophisticated but still easily to get to fly and a bit better suited for faster flight and outdoor; Plus it can be modified with 4#3 parts, and parts are real cheap (battery 1,60$, blades from $2...).
Even though they do not fly anything near a trex or similar, the experience is a whole different then on a simulator. You'll get to learn hovering, nose-in, eights etc. without breaking much, and they are way better then the $30 toys while not costing much more then a simulator with fake RC. PLUS: The Walkera rado can be used as computer simulator remote, too.

If you are looking into building something like a 450 (or smaller) right away, check out Hobbyking. com's clones... You can get all the parts to build one for arround $80, and a remote there or cheaper on ebay for $40 shipped (no display but programmable via USB, plus usable as simulator remote with aditional free software; There is also the free FMS simulator, while limited, its great for free software).
I tried some easyfly and even more expensive simulation software for collective pitch, but simulators thend to be more easy (easy, well trimmed models, no fear of crashing...)
Flying quadrocopters and the cb100 have had much more effect and the simulator was just a waste of money, at least for me.