Aug 1, 2009
"Star Wars" not only changed the way movies were made, it also changed their marketing. The magic word is: "merchandise". I have been an avid collector for about 34 years now. The first action figures I got were the "Sand People" and the "Jawa" with cloth cape. I guess the third one was the "Stormtrooper", followed by "Darth Vader" and "Admiral Ackbar" (still my favourite figure because of its friendly face and the open hand which miraculously followed the shape of my finger tips, enabling me to actually "shake hands" with him ;) ). To celebrate the 40th anniversary Hasbro decided to release the original 12 figures in their 6" scale Black Series on vintage inspired cardbacks. Yesterday I was able to get my personal "original" two, the two which started my collection, with a nice silver 40th anniv logo on top (always reminding me of my birthday this year :D ;) ).



They do look magnificent (especially the Tusken), albeit I would have preferred a cloth cape for the Jawa. Well, you can't have everything. These are two new figures and will become pretty rare (with the Tusken being a really hot item because of their different production numbers; there are twice as many Jawas on vintage cards available than Tusken Raiders). In fact, the Tusken was sold out completely within three hours and I would have missed him if I had not looked at the shop's website during my lunch break. The cards are BIG, almost letter-sized / A4 size, and made of pretty heavy cardboard. When you hang it on your little finger you can feel how heavy the product is. I definitely will need some clear shells to protect them from scratches and dents. Of course, you will be able to snag plenty of Tuskens and Jawas in the well-known black box packaging to build your army, however, there will be only one production run of the versions on vintage cards. So if you like them and have the chance, don't hesitate to get them. :)