GALACTICA 6551: 8. The Enemy Within


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Aug 1, 2009

8. The Enemy Within


by Marcell von dem Berge

(© 15.03.1999 / revision 7/2017)


Based on the classic television series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA created by Glen A. Larson
and on characters created by Glen A. Larson.
Battlestar Galactica © ® & ™ Universal City Studios.
This script is free. It is a non-profit fan project and for personal use only.
No infringement intended.
No commercial use.


JINGLE: UBC News. The latest events in the solar system.

KHAN: Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to UBC News. The day of the decision is near. Tomorrow at 0900 Moscow Standard Time the UNE Council chaired by the President of the Earth Government, James Allen Holbrooke, will decide on the future of the Styx. The meeting takes place at the conference room of Sigma Station under the strictest safety precautions. The negotiations are overshadowed by a remark Commander Adama from Galactica made before the Council of Ministers yesterday. He bluntly expressed his distrust of the Styx and demanded evidence for their story because he questioned their intentions.

LEITER: I am deeply shocked by the fact that a member of the Council is accusing the Styx to collaborate with the enemy.
KHAN: So these suspicions are invalid?
LEITER: Completely. Ladies & Gentlemen, please let me say this: We’re all humans and we’re all on the same side. The side of life. We are a hunted people and fight for one goal: the survival of the human race. Commander Adama makes it very clear that if we sow the seeds of discord among us and those who seek refuge exactly like the men, women and children of the Galactic fleet once did, we will never reach that goal. Only together do we have a chance. We need Earth and Earth needs us. The survival of the human species is at stake. We should not play with marked cards.
KHAN: Captain Aaron Leiter of the Styx. Commander Adama's response raises new questions: Why does he demand to deny the Styx what we have granted to the Galactic Fleet, namely asylum, even though we knew much less about them on arrival than we know about the Styx? Does Commander Adama fear too lose his power if the Styx send a representative to the Council of Ministers? Was the initial tolerance only a façade to hide a radical spirit that does not differ from that of the Isolationists? Liz Khan, UBC News.


There are those, who believe…



Lloyd Bochner as Leiter
Lance Henriksen as Frank Bishop
Sonya Cassidy as Gloria Rilkes
Rekha Sharma as Liz Khan
Michael Trucco as Tony Smallwood


Galactica. Adama’s quarters.

TIGH: Your performance has enormously hurt our reputation. The population doesn’t know what to think about it.
ADAMA: I'm absolutely sure, Colonel, there's something shady about it. If the Styx are really hunted by the Cylons, why has the UNE never heard of them?
APOLLO: There was a Great War centuries ago. Maybe the Styx have been living isolated for a long time and haven’t contacted anyone. It was this life-threatening situation that prompted them to reveal themselves.
ADAMA: They are surprisingly well armed for such a vulnerable people. And miraculously, they appear just in time. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything is a legend.
CYNTHIA: I agree, Commander.
APOLLO: It's also possible that their story is true. So far nobody has been able to disprove it.
ADAMA: Yes, because the Council has agreed to Leiter’s proposal and stopped any recon patrol till the situation behind the shield has eased.
TIGH: The Cylons are in a stand-by position. They destroy every ship passing the shield. We’re completely isolated.
APOLLO: They found us and want to starve us. Earth requires raw materials from other planets. The effects of a lasting siege could be tremendous. No more interstellar travel, no commerce, no scientific expeditions.
ADAMA: They know that Earth is unable to sustain this blockade for long without more allies. With their presence they force the Council of Ministers to make a quick decision.
APOLLO: Father, it's too risky to make vague speculations right now. The future of a whole people is at stake. The risk is too big without proof ..!
ADAMA: That's exactly what you said to me at Caprica, Apollo ... The Leiter of our universe escaped from prison, took the Council hostage, kidnapped Galactica and wanted to dump us on a Cylon planet.
CYNTHIA: You just named it, Commander. This is another universe. This Leiter doesn’t necessarily have to be the same monster.
ADAMA: Leiter is one of those characters that never change. He is a threat. To all of us.
CYNTHIA: So what shall we do? Send them back?
ADAMA: The safest alternative.
CYNTHIA: And let the Cylons destroy them?
ADAMA: We'll see. Colonel, arrange an appointment with President Holbrooke. I won’t let this world go down like ours.
TIGH: What are you planning to do?
ADAMA: I'm trying to make him postpone the vote. That could give us the time we need to find evidence.
APOLLO: Father, don’t you think you're obsessing about it?
ADAMA: Boy, I don’t want to end up as the man who knew about everything but didn’t do anything. In this situation passivity is as severe a crime as murder.

Life Center.

CASSIE (nursing a patient): You better be more careful next time. Triad can be dangerous.

Patient leaves, Curtis comes. A man in his mid-30s with blonde curly hair.

CURTIS: Hello!
CASSIE: Oh, hello! You are the cut of this morning.
CURTIS: That's right. (presents a flower bouquet to her) A small “thank you” for having to swing into action so early.
CASSIE: That wouldn’t have been necessary ... They are beautiful. Thank you very much!
CURTIS: I'm glad you like them. I’d be even happier if you accept to have lunch with me today.
CASSIE: That's really nice of you but I don’t know if ...
CURTIS: I had a table reserved for the Star Lounge at 11:30. Don’t let me wait ..! (leaves)

SALIK: What was that?
CASSIE: A cut.
SALIK: Sure? It looked more like a ballistic trauma. Arrow into the heart ..!

Sigma station.

President Holbrooke's quarters.

HOLBROOKE: Commander, I really appreciate your concerns. The UNE owes a lot to you, not only regarding the Cylons. I’m even thinking seriously about having a battlestar built using yours as a model. But the Council wants to decide quickly. The public pressure is too high. Your statement has pushed that, too.
ADAMA: I'm not asking you to dismiss the Styx. I only ask you to postpone the vote to give us some time to check their story carefully. A rash decision could be lethal.
HOLBROOKE: With all due respect to your experiences but the events have developed differently in this universe. Actually, you don’t exist here at all. I assure you, I’ll consider your concerns when I’m making my decision.
ADAMA: ... I hope you decide wisely. (leaves)
GUARD (at the door, watching Adama leave): Looks like it didn’t go too well…

Sigma panorama hall.


SHEBA: You accepted even though you don’t even know his name?
CASSIE (wearing her dress from “Saga of a Star World”): He came to the Life Center this morning with a cut. I treated him, he invited me to dinner. He left me no choice. If you see him you’ll understand why.
SHEBA: Do you think that's the right decision? Did you think about how Starbuck might react when he finds out?
CASSIE: Starbuck is only interested in roulette. He’s obsessed by it.
SHEBA: Still? This is bordering on gambling addiction. Where does he get the money from?
CASSIE: I've been trying to talk to him, but he's ignoring my calls. I'm getting really worried but he doesn’t want to listen to me - and he doesn’t want help.
SHEBA: He spends every available centon at the casino. The interruption of the patrol flights has increased this. He doesn’t even listen to Apollo.
CASSIE: I'm sure he'll have his head on straight again once he learns that he can’t carry on like this. He’s grown up and has to make his own decisions. And until he realizes that I’ll meet the people I want to meet.
SHEBA: Maybe you should tell that to Starbuck ...
CASSIE: ... Here he comes!
SHEBA: Oh boy, I’d love to have a slice from this "cut" ..!
CASSIE: Too late, he's mine! And now switch on turbo and beat it! (Sheba leaves)
CURTIS: A new star in the sky!
CASSIE I managed to get the rest of the day off.
CURTIS: That makes me very happy! (sits down, Cassie & Curtis are photographed)


STARBUCK: I can feel it, I'm on the verge of a new stroke of luck! (wins) Ha! What did I say?!
GROUPIER: Please make your bets!
CASINO AID (at the left of Starbuck): Sir, excuse me, but the manager would like to speak with you.
STARBUCK: Tell him, I'll check in later. I can’t leave because of this new stroke of luck ...
CASINO AID: It's about your credit. He wishes to see you immediately.
STARBUCK: Do you want to kick me out?
CASINO AID: No. But my colleague here does. (points at a beefy guy next to Starbuck)
STARBUCK: Why didn’t you say that right away? (leaves) I hope it's nothing serious …
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Casino manager’s office.

MANAGER: Mister, you have massively exceeded your limit and haven’t paid anything back yet.
STARBUCK: I know, but I just got another ...
MANAGER: As long as you haven’t paid your debts this establishment is closed for you.
STARBUCK: But, that ...
MANAGER: I’ll expect the first installment tomorrow. A reasonable installment!
STARBUCK: But how am I supposed to get so much money if you don’t let me play?
MANAGER: That's your problem. You should have been more careful. Good day, Sir..!

Starbuck is shocked.

Starbuck is sitting at the bar. Two guys are sitting at the left and at the right of him, Bishop in front of him.

Scan0004a.jpg Scan0004b.jpg

BISHOP (wearing some thin stylish sun glasses): I hope you don’t mind us sitting down here?
STARBUCK: That’s funny. You're already sitting.
WALTER: He’s another Einstein.
MANN: Indeed.
STARBUCK: Do you want something specific?
BISHOP: In fact I do, Lieutenant Starbuck.
STARBUCK: How do you know my name?
BISHOP: I have my sources. I know that the water’s up to your neck. And that none of your friends is going to help you because they know that you would gamble everything away again.
STARBUCK: Who are you?
BISHOP: I’m the one offering you the solution to your problems.
BISHOP: You do a small job for me and our dear Walter here (Walter grins) deletes your marker from the casino database.
STARBUCK: And I should believe that?
BISHOP: Oh, he's very talented. He also found out that the first installment is due tomorrow. What do you think?
STARBUCK: It depends on what you want me to do.
BISHOP: I assume you are aware of the current political situation. You and I, we have something in common. We don’t want the Styx to join the UNE. The Council is divided. President Holbrooke's voice is crucial. If you eliminate him the Styx can pack up and fly home.
STARBUCK: What ?! You want me to kill the President of the UNE ?!
BISHOP: You have no choice.
STARBUCK: Really?! I’m not a killer! Look for another one! (gets up, Walter & Mann hold him back)
BISHOP: If you’re leaving now no one can guarantee the safety of your near-fiancee. (shows Starbuck a picture of Cassie & Curtis at the Starlounge) Aren’t they a nice couple?
STARBUCK: That's a montage.
BISHOP: I wouldn’t challenge it ..!
STARBUCK: ... That's blackmail!
BISHOP: Oh, oh, oh. A deal sounds a lot better. You eliminate Holbrooke, your debts are gone, your girl will be fine and we have never met. (gives Starbuck a pouch with Cubits) And you’re even getting a tip.
STARBUCK: Why don’t you do it yourself? That would be much cheaper.
BISHOP: I’m a busy man. I don’t have the time for it. The vote is scheduled for tomorrow morning, and he must be eliminated by midnight. So, what’s up?
STARBUCK: ... The debts will be gone?
BISHOP: Did you ever have any?
STARBUCK: And you’ll leave Cassie in peace?
BISHOP: A deal is a deal.
STARBUCK: ... All right.
BISHOP: I knew you were a clever businessman. (gets up and wants to leave) Oh, one more thing: I’m watching you. If you try to contact security or your friends or leave the station, your friend is dead ..!
STARBUCK: ... Certainly not ..!
BISHOP: You'll need this..! (gives Starbuck an injector)
STARBUCK: ... Of course ..! (leaves)

Departure hall. Starbuck sees a security officer and approaches him.

STARBUCK: Erh, listen, I have to tell you something important! The President is in great danger. Some guys hired me to kill him before midnight ..!
PARKS: Before midnight?
STARBUCK: ... Er, yes?
PARKS: Then I would hurry if I were you, Lieutenant Starbuck. You only have four hours left.
PARKS (grabs Starbuck’s arm): You underestimate us! Do not try to tell someone about us again, or you can say goodbye to your girlfriend! Is that clear?!
STARBUCK: ... Yes, yes ...
PARKS: Then get a move on and do your job!

Bar. The clock says 11:23 PM.

STARBUCK: Vince, gimme another.
VINCE: You’ve already had a whole squadron. One more and you'll get a humming in your head tomorrow as if you were locked up in the engine room for a week without earmuffs.
STARBUCK: Oh, come on. The customer is king, right?
VINCE: Yes, but kings have money from time to time. (Starbuck pours out the pouch) Wow! Did you rob the croupier?
STARBUCK: No. ... (looks at guys staring at him) I won again. My debts are gone, too.
VINCE: Congratulations! After all what’s happened to you in the past few days, today’s really your lucky day! Let's see what Cassiopeia will say when she finds out that her boyfriend’s fully recovered.
STARBUCK: Do you really think so?
VINCE: Of course.
STARBUCK: What if she doesn’t listen to me?
VINCE: Don’t worry, I know you. Come up with something. Tell her what she wants to hear. You know, in war and in love everything’s allowed. And you're unbeatable in fibbing.
STARBUCK: It’s easy for you to talk She’s always caught me.
VINCE: Then … be a little bit smarter this time.
STARBUCK (looks up): ... You're right! I’ll show them what they want to see ...
VINCE: What?
STARBUCK (jumps up): Never mind. I'm back to full strength! (leaves)
VINCE: But your change ..!

PARKS (speaking in comlink): He’s leaving the bar. He’s heading for the VIP quarters.

Two guards by the door.

GUARD1: What do you want?
STARBUCK: Erh, I have to speak with the President. It’s very important.
GUARD2: Can you identify yourself?
STARBUCK: Wait, here, my identicard.
GUARD1: What do you want from him so late, Lieutenant?
STARBUCK: I have confidential information from Commander Adama. For his eyes only. It’s really urgent!
GUARD2 (scans Starbuck, detects the pouch): Open the pouch! (looks at injector) What is this?
STARBUCK: I'm allergic, you know? I need to carry this with me always, if ...
GUARD2: Alright. (to Guard1) He’s clean.

GUARD1 (on screen): Mr President, Lieutenant Starbuck from Galactica is here to speak with you. He says it's urgent.
HOLBROOKE: Now? ... All right, send him in.

Starbuck & the guards enter the room.

HOLBROOKE: Well, Lieutenant, what is it?
STARBUCK: Sir, ... the information is strictly confidential ... I can only tell you in private.
HOLBROOKE: ... Did you check him?
GUARD1: Yes, Sir. He is unarmed.
HOLBROOKE: Leave us alone.
GUARD2: But Sir ...
HOLBROOKE: You heard me! Don’t be alarmed. I know him.

Guards leave.

STARBUCK: Thank you.
HOLBROOKE: So, what's so important?
STARBUCK: Please don’t be rash. Just listen to me. A few guys hired me to kill you. If I don’t comply they’ll kill my girlfriend. … Don’t worry, I won’t do you any harm.
HOLBROOKE (looks at the injector): And what’s that?
STARBUCK: My legitimacy. I should kill you with that. (goes to the trash bin, opens it, throws the injector in) We can’t trust anyone. They have even infiltrated security.
HOLBROOKE: If you don’t want to kill me, why are you here?
STARBUCK: ... I need your help ..!

Conference hall, 9:10 AM.


MINISTER1 (to minister2): Take a look at where President Holbrooke is.

Minister2 comes back, whispers in minister1’s ear, minister1 is horrified.

MINISTER1: Good Lord!

Scan0006b.jpg Scan0006.jpg


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TONY: We’re interrupting our program for a special report: President Holbrooke, chairman of the UNE World Council, is dead. Investigations are running on Sigma station. The security department has asked everyone to stand by for questioning.

Departure hall.

STARBUCK (standing in a queue): Hey, what's going on? Why has everybody stopped?


MESSAGE: Ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for any inconveniences. All flights are cancelled until further notice. Please stay at the star lounge. Thank you very much.
STARBUCK (sees UBC headline: "Breaking News: President Holbrooke dead! Investigations on Sigma"): That's not true ..! (sees guards, leaves)

Scan0007c.jpg Scan0007a.jpg

MARK: Chief! We have something!
POWELL: What is it?
MARK: Here. (pointing at the neck) This looks like a prick.
POWELL: He was poisoned. Autopsy, now! And keep looking for the weapon. Certainly it’s till aboard the station.
ADAMA: I'm Commander Adama. You wanted to see me?
POWELL: Yes. How well did you know President Holbrooke?
ADAMA: I only knew him from work.
POWELL: You seemed pretty worried when he considered admitting the Styx.
ADAMA: I didn’t want him to make a wrong decision.
POWELL: What did you suggest to him?
ADAMA: I asked him to postpone the vote until the story of Styx had been confirmed.
POWELL: Strange, and now that's exactly what’s happened. The meeting was adjourned.
ADAMA: Do you want to blame me for the murder ?!
POWELL: I'm just asking you a few questions. But you do have to admit, it's pretty strange when one of your senior officers asks for a private audience with the President at such a late hour.
ADAMA: What?
POWELL: Lieutenant Starbuck.
APOLLO: Starbuck? What does he have to do with it?
POWELL: He paid the President a visit last night. The guards said he was the last one to see the President alive. My men are looking for him right now.
APOLLO: I’ll help you!
MARK: Chief, we got it!
POWELL: Show it to me, Mark!
MARK: ... An injector with a self-sterilizing tip. There are no skin particles we can analyse.
POWELL (annoyed): Great!
MARK: But a lot of fingerprints. Great, huh?
POWELL: That's what I said. Check them and compare them with the saved patterns.
MARK: One thing’s for sure: Whoever it was, he was an idiot. He just threw it into the trash. The recycling computer identified it as a medical device and sent it back to the Medlab for disposal. Either he forgot about the mechanism or ...
POWELL: ... he didn’t know anything about it because he didn’t come from here ..!

Bar. Starbuck sees Bishop.

STARBUCK: Hey! I was looking all over for you! I don’t know how you did it but that was a big mistake!
BISHOP: Beat it! We had a deal! We both fulfilled our parts, bye bye!
STARBUCK: Stop! You won’t get away with it so easily! You tricked me!
BISHOP: I don’t know what you're talking about.
STARBUCK: Yes, you do! You know I did not kill Holbrooke! So, who did?!
BISHOP: You should be the first to know.
STARBUCK: Really? I'm taking you to Chief Powell from the security office. Let's see what he will say about this gig.
BISHOP: Wrong strategy ..!
STARBUCK: Cassie is safe. You can’t blackmail me any longer!
BISHOP: I'm not blackmailing you. I’m just reminding you that the injector is littered with your fingerprints.
STARBUCK: And yours, too!
BISHOP: I don’t have any..! (presents his hands, Starbuck is shocked) They were so unhelpful with certain jobs so I had them removed. I strongly recommend doing so. So,how do you explain that to your Chief when you meet him? (leaves)

Starbuck is confused.

APOLLO: Starbuck! Here you are! I thought your gambling hormones were running off with you again ..! Did you hear what happened?
STARBUCK: Yes. I must tell you something.
APOLLO: You can do that on the way to security.
STARBUCK: What? No! I can’t go there!

Two guards are coming.

APOLLO: Why not?
GUARD: Lieutenant Starbuck, you're under arrest!
STARBUCK: That's why ..!

Security office.

STARBUCK: How many times shall I tell you? I did not kill him. It must have been that guy. Tall, slender, gnarled, wrinkled, depressed.
POWELL: Why didn’t you alert security?
STARBUCK: I tried, but they were everywhere. The risk was too great for them to do something to my girlfriend. I had no choice.
POWELL: The door-opening log says you were inside the President's chambers for over 20 minutes. What have you done there for so long?
STARBUCK: I explained the situation to him and asked him to use his tap-proof channel. I contacted Sheba and told her to stay with Cassiopeia. Apollo and Boomer were not on board, so Sheba was the only one I could trust to protect Cassie.
POWELL: The transmitter in the room doesn’t confirm that.
STARBUCK: Of course not! President Holbrooke cleared the log so no-one would know we had warned Cassie.
POWELL: What did you do next?
STARBUCK: Having got Cassie under shelter I wanted to stay with the President to protect him, but he thought it would be better for me to leave and pretend I'd done the job. He said the guards at the door would suffice.
POWELL: And yet he was murdered. Was he still alive when you left him?
POWELL: Hmm ... I'm afraid nobody else can confirm that.
APOLLO: What about the security cameras?
POWELL: Holbrooke didn’t like these things. He always turned them off except for official receptions.
STARBUCK: So what now?
POWELL: As long as the case is still hot you’ll stay in custody. Those are the regulations, sorry. Currently you are the main suspect. Take him to block B. This one is still being renovated.
STARBUCK: But I'm innocent!
POWELL: You can’t prove that.
STARBUCK: And what about that guy ?!
POWELL: An unknown, a phantom, a pipe dream ..? We’ll check that out.

APOLLO: Chief, do you mind me taking a look at the scene? Maybe your men have missed something.
POWELL: Unlikely. But if it makes you feel better ... Mark will accompany you. And get Cassiopeia and Sheba. With personal protection. They’ll have to make a testimony.


DOC: I'll be doing a few more tests. You may go, Kim. ... (looking through the microscope) Wait a minute, that's interesting ... Microcellular fragments in the blood stream ... But these are no trypanosomes ... (gets President Holbrooke’s body out of a cryo tube, takes a blood sample, brown gel flows into the drain tube) What's that ?!

Doc goes to a console. President Holbrooke’s neck is throbbing. Doc steps closer. Suddenly several branches shoot out of the neck. They penetrate the Doc. He stumbles, sees more branches shooting out of Holbrooke’s belly, moving like whips.

DOC: Security ... Medlab here... Initiate quarantine measures immediately!

Doc drops dead.

Cell block. Starbuck and two guards.


HILL: Oh, a new nest warmer!
LUCKLYN: This is Lieutenant Starbuck. He’s supposed to stay in the detention cell till the investigations are finished.
HILL: No problem. We don’t have many visitors at the moment. Choose a room.
STARBUCK: I’d love to have one with a view at the Milra star tassel ...
HILL: Ahh, a joker!
STARBUCK: Believe it or not, I'm innocent.
LUCKLYN: I'll kill myself laughing!

STARBUCK: Oh, please don’t do that or they’ll accuse me of another murder..! (gets unshackled)


STARBUCK: Hey, may I get one of those anti-grav seat shells,please? I'm suffering from low back pain and my girlfriend said these would be ideal for me.
LUCKLYN: Help yourself.
STARBUCK: Thank you. Oh, tell me, how do you configure them correctly?
LUCKLYN: Wait, I'll show you. Well, that's the weight regulator, and here you adjust the seat height.
STARBUCK: I see. (sets: 200 kg, 150 m) Is that okay?

Starbuck holds the bottom of the shell against the wall and presses a button, the shell bounces off the wall and knocks out Lucklyn, Starbuck grabs Lucklyn's weapon, points at Hill who almost tapped the control panel.

STARBUCK: Freeze! Now it's not so funny any more, eh ?!
LUCKLYN: Don’t do anything wrong!
STARBUCK: Listen carefully: Tell your Chief I did not kill the President! I'll be back once I’ve found this guy I was talking about. Got it?!
LUCKLYN: Erh ... yes ..!
STARBUCK: Good. Nighty night! (stuns him and leaves)

Scan0010a.jpg Scan0010b.jpg

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Holbrooke’s quarters.

APOLLO: What did kill him?
MARK: One dose of bromelotoxin into the throat. A plant poison similar to curare. It paralyzes the muscles. Death occurs in a few seconds. We also discovered strangulation marks around the throat but we were unable to determine its cause yet. The autopsy is still running.
APOLLO: I've known Starbuck my entire life. He is not a killer. There must be someone else.
MARK: How was he supposed to get in here? The room was strictly guarded.
APOLLO: Maybe one of the guards.
MARK: We checked them. They are loyal.
APOLLO (looks at the ceiling): What about this ventilation shaft?
MARK: It's too small. No one gets through.
APOLLO (notices something on the floor): What's that?
MARK: That? That's just dirt, nothing more.
APOLLO: What’s dirt doing on a space station? In the President's quarters?
MARK: He liked to go for a walk. Certainly visited the arboretum and forgot to stamp off his shoes.
APOLLO: You don’t really believe that, do you?! Look, the crumbs are limited only to this area. Right below the shaft … (looks up to the ventilation shaft)

Comlink beeps.

MARK: Yes?
POWELL: Report to the medlab immediately! The President was torn apart and the Doctor is dead!

Medlab. A disgusting sight. Brown liquid has been spilled all over the place. Several tentacles are dangling about from the President’s body.

GLORIA: What happened here?
APOLLO: Glow! What are you doing here?
GLORIA: I had an appointment with the Doctor. We wanted to create a bacterial culture.
POWELL: Heyo, Civilians have no business here.
GLORIA: How come a Harkarian bromeliad got into the President?
POWELL: You know what's hanging around there?
GLORIA: I'm a biologist. And a Doctor.
APOLLO: Gloria Rilkes, Chief Powell, station’s security.
GLORIA: It's a parasitic tendril of my homeworld. It multiplies via intermediate hosts. It vaccinates its victims with its spores and injects a poison that paralyzes the muscles. It’s absolutely deadly to humans.
POWELL: Do you mean President Holbrooke and the Doctor were killed by a plant?
GLORIA: That's what I fear. May I? ... (looks through microscope) Yes, margolisms. No doubt.
APOLLO: Then Starbuck is off your list as a possible candidate for murder.
POWELL: Not necessarily. Who brought this plant on board?


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Adama’s quarters.

CASSIE: Hopefully our testimonies will exonerate him. The guy was already standing at my door. I don’t even dare to imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t come.
SHEBA: At first I didn’t want to believe it but Starbuck accurately described the guy you weredating. He saved your life. And he didn’t even try to fool you.
CASSIE: Nobody has ever gone to jail for me to protect me ...
SHEBA: Starbuck is growing up slowly ..!
CYNTHIA: An O.E.I. could eradicate any doubts in his story.
ADAMA: What's that?
CYNTHIA: Optical Engram Imager. Also called a “mind probe”. A diagnostic procedure that scans your brain and turns your memories into an image. Your thoughts are made visible and projected onto a screen. Since this procedure is extensively violating your privacy it’s only approved under special conditions. But it is 99 % reliable.
ADAMA: You’rewell-versed in law, Counselor.
CYNTHIA: Thank you. A compulsory subject at the academy. Most of my class hated it.
ADAMA: You too?
CYNTHIA: Hmm ..!

Screen on.

ADAMA: Apollo, anything new?
APOLLO: President Holbrooke was killed by a Harkarian bromeliad. Starbuck is innocent and is currently being released.
ADAMA: Oh, good!
CASSIE: Thank the Lords!
TIGH: Did you say “Harkarian”?
APOLLO: Exactly. Gloria Rilkes is here to help us. She says this species is so dangerous that no one from our fleet would have dared to take such a plant with him.
TIGH: I'll check that.
APOLLO: If her theory is correct, the plant can only have gotten here after our arrival.
ADAMA: I understand. (screen off)
CYNTHIA: Commander, if this thing didn’t come with them, who brought it here instead?
ADAMA: In our universe, there’s only one civilization that was in close contact with Harkaria ..!

Ship of the Styx (= Zaad battle cruiser from “Buck Rogers”).

KREBBS: Captain, we just intercepted a transmission. They know about the bromeliad.
LEITER: Prepare my shuttle, Colonel. I have to give an interview to express my condolences. And you are about to learn another lesson in leadership qualities: Eliminating witnesses ..! (putting on black gloves)


GLORIA: It must have come through the ventilation shaft in the ceiling.
APOLLO: How long can the tentacles get?
GLORIA: 10 meters, maybe longer.
APOLLO: So it can only have come from one of these accommodations. (looks on a diagram on a screen)


APOLLO: I’ll check the names of the tenants.

Galactica bridge.

ADAMA: Colonel, I just received a message from the UNE. They want to decide on the Styx today. The Vice President takes over the place of the deceased President.TIGH: Why today? Didn’t they want to wait?
ADAMA: The public pressure is too high. They want to avoid a contrived delay in order to show that the UNE does not change its course.TIGH: Whatwill you vote for?
ADAMA: I’ll agree.TIGH: Why? You wanted to ...
ADAMA: Sure, but we both know that Leiter is involved with the murder.TIGH: But when the Styx are admitted Leiter has the same privileges like us.
ADAMA: And he's subject to the same restrictions. He is no longer independent.TIGH: Like a daggit being leashed.
ADAMA: Precisely. And if he tries to free himself we have him ..!


APOLLO: Professor Alfree Henna. He’s the only newcomer in the last few days. And he is a Styx. I'll have a chat withhim.
GLORIA: I'm with you, Apollo.
APOLLO: No, it's too dangerous. I’ll do it alone.
GLORIA: All right. But take this with you. It’s an antidote. I wasn’t able to getany more of it now. It will suffice for two injections.
APOLLO: Thank you.
GLORIA: Apollo, be careful. The tentacles grow very fast and move like whips. Really nasty things.
APOLLO: I’ll keep it in mind.
Entrance hall. Passengers are disembarking.

LEITER: Where is the Professor?
KREBBS: In his quarters. Our friends on the station are watching him and tell us any change in his condition.
LEITER: Good. The faster we get to him the better.

Reporters are coming.

LEITER: Not these again ..! I thought the whole baloney was supposed to begin in half an hour!
KREBBS: These guys are not from UBC, they are from the fleet.
LEITER: Oh, crap! … How‘s my cap?

IFB: Captain Leiter! Please excuse us but could you tell us how an outsider judges the current situation?
LEITER: Well ... President Holbrooke fell victim to a coward crime. He was a exemplary statesman. I’m confident that everything possible is done to capture the culprit. He must be punished with all the strength of the law. We’re dealing with a Presidential murder here, don’t forget that ..!

Apollo at Henna’s door, door opens.

APOLLO: Professor Henna? I’d like to ask you a few questions. (sees a suitcase on the bed) Planning a vacation?

Henna sees Apollo’s uniform, pushes Apollo back, closes door, Apollo slips through a gap right before the door closes completely, pushes Henna onto the bed.

APOLLO: Let's have a straight talk now! You killed President Holbrooke! With a bromeliad!
HENNA: No, no, no ..! I ... I couldn’t help it ... I'm being blackmailed ...
APOLLO: By whom?
HENNA: Leiter ..!


LEITER: ... and now excuse me. I have to attend a conference.
REPORTER: That was Captain Leiter from the Styx.

LEITER: Reporters! They stick to your soles like you-know-what! Now let’s proceed to our fellow.
KREBBS: Sir, we just got word that he’s got a visitor.
LEITER: Hum … Collateral damage..!

Henna's quarters.

HENNA: He would have ruined my career if I hadn’t put the bromeliad in front of the grid, you understand?
APOLLO: Alright. But why Starbuck?
HENNA: He was the perfect scapegoat. Problems with the girlfriend, gambling debts ... The deal with him was credible. The plant was the reinsurance in case he decided to bottle out. Holbrooke definitely was supposed to die. I was supposed to put the cube in front of the grid at 12 o'clock and open one side. Its tentacles are attracted by CO2 and body heat. The bio signals of the President would lead them directly to him. If he had already been dead they wouldn’t have gone down the shaft. Leiter knew that Commander Adama was responsible for the actions of his crewmembers. Now, if one of his men is found guilty of Presidential murder no-one will listen to Adama's concerns. From that on he would always be the man who cried wolf.
APOLLO: I understand. His skepticism would have endangered Leiter's plan. But why does he want a seat in the Council?

LEITER (standing in the doorway): Well, that's truly none of your business, Captain! I thought you would find Henna. But that won’t help you any more. (proceeds to a glass cube with bromeliad inside, takes it off the table)


APOLLO: You won’t get away with it, Leiter! In a few centons the corridor will be full of security guards.
LEITER: Good. They will find the result of a desperate duel in which the cube was knocked over. (guard throws a chip to the ground)
HENNA: What's that?
LEITER: Your motive. You are a member of the Isolationists and wanted to impress your followers with this action.
HENNA: You can’t be serious!
LEITER: Oh? It’s a pleasure talking to you but a vote is waiting for me. And I don’t want to be late. Otherwise someone may suspect me in the end! (drops the dice) Naw, how awkward of me ..! I am such a cub. I wish you good luck. Have a good time! (leaves, Apollo & Henna move into a corner)

LEITER (to guard): Block the door opening mechanism so that no one may get out!


HENNA: We will both die!
APOLLO: No, no! Here, take this! It’s an antidote!

Tentacles are growing. Apollo repels them with a chair. He is pushed into the other half of the room.

HENNA: Captain! Catch it!

Henna throws the bottle toward Apollo. Apollo misses it, a tentacle wraps around his feet, Apollo stumbles and hits his head. He pulls himself to the serum and collapses.


Conference hall. Leiter is signing the treaty.

VICE-PRESIDENT: Now you are a full member of the United Nations of Earth with all rights and obligations. Welcome!


Security office.

POWELL: Mark! Starbuck is on the run!
MARK: What? I thought he was innocent.
POWELL: Apparently not. He attacked Lucklyn and Hill. We must find him.

Starbuck is hiding in the station's engine room, wearing a coat and a hat, sitting quietly on the ground, desperately waiting for a chance.


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