GALACTICA 6551: 3. The Value of Life


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Aug 1, 2009


3. The Value of Life


by Marcell von dem Berge

(© 24.12.1998 / revision 7/2017)


Based on the classic television series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA created by Glen A. Larson
and on characters created by Glen A. Larson.
Battlestar Galactica © ® & ™ Universal City Studios.
This script is free. It is a non-profit fan project and for personal use only.
No infringement intended.
No commercial use.


A planet in chaos: The peaceful world Harkaria is attacked by the Cylons. Cylon troops have landed, they are shooting at people. The night is illumined by burning buildings and debris. It is raining. A man is crawling through the mud toward the camera. He has lost his right lower leg, you see the bone protruding from the bloody wound. A Centurion approaches him from behind, targets the man's head and fires. You see the body collapsing.

Inside a house. A man is barricading the windows and doors.

MOTHER: Come on, hurry! Hurry! Whatever happens, you’ll stay under the sideboard! Don’t be afraid, we will protect you ..!
MIRA: Mom ..! (loses her teddy bear)
FATHER: (charges rifle, looks through the barricaded window) Come on, you damn ...

An explosion rips the door out of its hinges. The man is seriously injured. He is lying on the ground.


Centurions enter, shoot the woman, look at the man's neck, notice that he still has a pulse and shoot him, too. Mira is frightened and shocked, a Centurion steps on the teddy,


looks down and recognizes Mira's footprints using an infrared sensor. The Cylon is about to pull the sideboard out of the way when a squadron of Vipers attack and open fire at the Cylon troops.

CYLON2 (in door frame): Colonial Vipers are attacking the patrols!
CYLON1 (turns to Cylon2): All Centurions report to the Raiders! Destroy the Colonials!

The Cylons leave the house. Mira whimpers, hears the sounds of the fights and explosions.

BOOMER: Okay, the baseship will reach the landing area in fifteen centons. We have less than ten centons to rescue as many survivors as possible! Hurry up!

SHEBA (discovers Mira with infrared scanner): Here's another one! Come on, we must get away from here quickly! (Mira hesitates) ... It's okay, we want to help you ... Give me your hand!
MIRA (takes up her teddy): ... Mommy ... Daddy ...
SHEBA: We can’t help them anymore… Come!

Sheba takes Mira out of the house. Mira sees the battlefield.

BOOMER: Hurry! Hurry! The reinforcements will be here any micron!

Sheba and Mira enter an evac shuttle, the door closes. The screen turns black.


There are those, who believe…



Leelee Sobieski as Mira
Corey Johnson as Theolon



ADAMA (Log): Searching for the 13th tribe of Man, the Colonial fleet approached an inhabited planet which had become subject of a massive Cylon attack. We intervened and saved many survivors, but unfortunately we had to leave the majority of the population to their fate. I never thought I would have to experience again the suffering and the misery of such a catastrophe. Now we are refugees helping refugees. What a strange twist of fate.

Galactica bridge.

TIGH: Recent estimates say almost 144,000 Harkarians saved. 21,000 more are heading for the fleet in smaller freighters. They were travelling in interstellar space when the attack occurred and received the emergency call from the colony. They will reach the fleet in about two days. Life Center reports about 2,500 injured, 200 of them severely. The destruction was gigantic.
ADAMA: Thousands ... of millions ...
OMEGA: We're back on the old course, Commander.
ADAMA: Thank you, Omega. Tigh, we have to bring order to the chaos as soon as possible in order not to endanger the cohesion in the fleet.
TIGH: Of course. Captain Apollo has already made a supply plan.
ADAMA: Good. Keep me informed. I’m attending a special Quorum meeting to discuss the next steps.

Galactica hangar bay. Many refugees are crowded together. Apollo, Starbuck and Sheba. Boomer and Nisa (brunette, white, Caucasian) are standing a bit apart.

APOLLO: Boxey wanted to help, but I told him it was too dangerous. We still don’t know what kind of people we are dealing with.
SHEBA: Where is he now?
APOLLO: On the school ship. He’s safe for the time being. As soon as the situation eases, I’ll take him back to Galactica. Okay, one step at a time. Here, everyone gets this life kit. It contains everything that is needed: emergency rations, first aid items, contact details. Don’t worry, replenishment is under way.
STARBUCK: (pointing towards Boomer) Hey, look! ... Is that what I think it is?
SHEBA: Boomer has a girl ..?
APOLLO: That was about time ...
STARBUCK: Do you still need me? I’d like to do some "digging". See you later, folks. (walks toward Boomer)

NISA: Excuse me. I need to go back to work. See you later. (leaves)
STARBUCK: (coming) Boomer! Don’t you wanna present your new friend to us?
BOOMER: Maybe later. Her name is Nisa. She comes from the Rothanna.
STARBUCK: Lovely! Is it something serious?
BOOMER: I think so.
STARBUCK: Well then! (grins) Here, let’s distribute these things. (gives Boomer a few kits) One for each of our guests.

Mira bumps into Starbuck and steals a kit.

BOOMER (holding him back): She seems to be quite in a hurry.
STARBUCK: Hey! Wait a centon! Come back!

Starbuck follows her, sees Mira sitting in a corner, gnawing at a piece of bread.

STARBUCK: Hey, why did you do that? There’s enough for everyone, you don’t need to snatch it out of my hand!

Mira looks at him grimly, Starbuck realizes that she is traumatized.

STARBUCK: ... That place doesn’t look very comfortable. Don’t you think it’d be better to sit on one of the plank beds like the others?
MIRA: Leave me alone!
STARBUCK: I’m afraid that’s not that easy. My mission is to provide you with a starter kit and find out if there’re any problems. And I think I've just discovered a pretty big one.
MIRA: ...
STARBUCK: Well, now you’ve gotten yourself into trouble. I love to solve problems. The more difficult the better. As long as I don’t know what's going on with you, I won’t leave your side. (sits down by her) ... My name is Starbuck. What’s your name?
MIRA: Save it! I don’t need anyone. And certainly not someone like you.
STARBUCK: Listen, I mean you no harm. I just want to help ... I can imagine what you’re going through.
MIRA (jumps up): Nobody can!
STARBUCK: Hey, you're not the only one who has lost everything. The Cylons have destroyed my world, too.
MIRA: Did they kill your parents, too ?! Before your eyes? While you were hiding under a sideboard ?!
STARBUCK: Yes! (stands up) ... I have spent half my life on the orphan ship. I know what it means to be without a family.
MIRA (stops): ... What ... what did you do?
STARBUCK: I tried to make friends as early as possible. Sure, they cannot replace your parents, but they can be like a family for you ... What do you think, shall we give it a try? (reaches out for her)
MIRA (hesitates, holds the kit and the teddy): ... I'm Mira ... Mira Brehn ...
STARBUCK: Welcome to the fleet, Mira ..!

Baseship above Harkaria.



CENTURION: The planet is under our control. All human remains were destroyed as ordered. There was an incident. Colonial troops attacked the landing party and captured survivors.
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Have you localized the Colonial fleet?
CENTURION: No. She has not entered the system. Only the battlestar jumped in and out for the fight. Unfortunately we were unable to determine the jump vectors.
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Keep scanning the area. If you find something, resume the pursuit immediately!
CENTURION: By your command, Imperious Leader!
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Galactica bridge.

APOLLO (to Boomer): The most important thing after receiving first care is living space.
BOOMER: And that is very tight even for us.
APOLLO: Exactly. We’ll have to squeeze up for a while.
BOOMER: I’m sure some people won’t like that.
APOLLO: You can bet on it. Here, this is a list of the ships we’re supposed to check.
BOOMER: What? The Solitarias freighter?
APOLLO: Are you afraid?
BOOMER: No, but don’t you find it pretty ... daring to house refugees in a pleasure temple?
APOLLO: Basically the Solitarias is a flying hotel. Half the accommodations stay empty for most of the time. As soon as the other transporters arrive the people will be transferred to them and the girls may continue as usual.
BOOMER: I hope you are right ...
STARBUCK (coming): Apollo, do you happen to know if there’s still a free room on Galactica?
APOLLO (sees Mira): Isn’t she a little too young for you?
STARBUCK: What? Rubbish. She is the only survivor of her family. She is alone and doesn’t know anybody.
BOOMER: Hey, isn’t that the girl who has stolen from you?
STARBUCK: A formidable basis for a glorious future.
APOLLO (takes Starbuck aside): Starbuck, we still have a lot of work to do. Give her a number and leave her here. You can look after her later.
STARBUCK: I can’t. Just take a look at her. She is afraid. She must have gone through hell. I promised to take care of her.
APOLLO: How? You're a Viper pilot, no care worker.
STARBUCK: Neither are you. And nonetheless you know how to handle Boxey.
APOLLO: I have experience. Through Zack.
STARBUCK: I’ll get experience in time. Mira is 15. Do you really want to condemn her to spend her whole youth on the orphan ship? I know how hard that can be. Why do you think did I make a getaway that often?
APOLLO: I understand ... Look, the ships are overcrowded and we're barely able to take inventory. If you really want to help her you’ll have to do it on your own. Excuse me, the shuttle is waiting for us. We’re transferring the first group of refugees to the other ships.
STARBUCK: I'll come up with something. See you later.

Life Center.

STARBUCK: (to Mira): Wait here. (goes to Cassie) Cassie! I have a problem…
CASSIE (treating a patient): You? How strange ...
STARBUCK: I need a room. For her.
CASSIE (sees Mira): Who is she?
STARBUCK: Her name is Mira Brehn. She feels lousy. She’s lost her parents and needs someone to look after her. She’d be lost on the orphan ship. The care workers are totally overworked over there.
CASSIE: And then you had to volunteer.
STARBUCK: I just want to give her a chance. A chance I never had. Do you understand?
CASSIE: ... Poor thing ... Here, take her to my quarters. (gives Starbuck key card) I'll be with you later. Then we may talk about what will happen to her next.
STARBUCK: You are awesome! I knew I could count on you.
CASSIE: Well, keep calm. Nothing’s official yet.

Shuttle with Apollo and Boomer.

APOLLO: If we're lucky we may start the transfer today.
BOOMER: Shuttle Alpha requesting permission to land on Solitarias freighter.
RADIO: Copy that. Please stand by.
APOLLO: How long have you known her?
BOOMER: Nisa? Well, two sectons ago Dr Wilker and I were checking the data distribution center on the electronics ship. She was typing at a terminal when I cut off the power. Suddenly she stood before me, we were having a chat and I asked her if she would like to have dinner with me. And that's it. Apollo, she's just perfect! Intelligent, beautiful and trustworthy.
APOLLO: Starbuck and I have already started betting on when you would finally dare to hit on such a girl.
BOOMER: Oho! And this is called "best friends"! ... Who has won?
APOLLO: Well, what do you think?
BOOMER: See, that’s what you get! (grins)
RADIO: Galactica Shuttle Alpha, this is Solitarias freighter. Permission granted. You may fly in.
APOLLO: Acknowledged. Prepare to receive.

Shuttle flies in.

Cassie’s quarters.


STARBUCK (shows Mira Cassie’s quarters): The bathroom, the kitchen, this is where you may sleep. Here, I got you some clothes. It cost me an arm and a leg but I hope they fit ... I ... still need to write my report.

Starbuck puts the clothes on some chairs in the bathroom. Mira closes the door, looks at herself in the mirror.




APOLLO (leads people to the rooms): These will be your accommodations for the time being. As soon as the situation improves we will inform you immediately.
MAN: Thank you, Captain.

Apollo is about to leave when a door opens. A beautiful woman in a short dress is standing before him.

SONDRA: Captain, may I speak with you?
APOLLO: Sure. (enters) What's up?
SONDRA: I’d like to thank you. For the rescue and the hard work you are doing for us.
APOLLO: That’s natural.
SONDRA: Maybe. But I owe you something, and I don’t like being in debt ... (drops her dress)
APOLLO: What ...
SONDRA: Don’t you like women?
APOLLO: No, no, it's just so ... surprising ...


Sondra kisses Apollo.

APOLLO: Are you a sociolator?
SONDRA: No, cartographer. ... Let me show you the stars ..! (kiss)

One floor above. Boomer is talking to the manager and landlord Theolon.

THEOLON: That's outrageous! If you occupy so many of our rooms we won’t have enough space left for our customers! The business doesn’t run by itself. And it’s not too hard to imagine that we can’t tell them to stay on the corridors.
BOOMER: I understand your point but there are still many unused quarters on the upper deck.
THEOLON: The apartments on the upper deck are reserved for premium customers.
BOOMER: Even if they had been reserved for the President, we need them! I expect you to have cleared the entire upper deck within two centars. If you have a problem with that report to Commander Adama.
THEOLON: Oh, I will! You can count on it! (leaves)


Boomer is about to leave. Nisa walks out of a room behind him with her back turned toward him. Boomer notices her from behind, is not sure if it is her and leaves.

Galactica. Starbuck enters Cassie's quarters.

STARBUCK: Mira, I'm back. Sorry, it took longer than expected ...
MIRA (half hidden behind a curtain): You left me alone.
STARBUCK: I ... I ... I just wanted to submit my report but then, one thing led to another, and ...

Mira emerges from behind the curtain. She is wearing a new dress.

STARBUCK: Hey, that looks fantastic! Are you hungry? I could organize something from the officer's mess ...
MIRA: No, don’t bother ... (goes to the bedroom)
CASSIE (comes): Hello. Sorry, I couldn’t leave earlier. Hell has broken loose at the life center. (kisses Starbuck) Where is she?
STARBUCK: In the bedroom. She’s a wreck.

CASSIE (goes to her, sits down beside her on the bed): Hello, Mira. I’m Cassiopeia.
MIRA: Hello ...
CASSIE: How are you?
MIRA: They're all dead! ... They said they would protect me ... And now they’re all dead!

Mira falls into Cassie's arms, crying. Starbuck looks affected. → Cassie comes to Starbuck.

CASSIE: I gave her a sedative. She’s sleeping now. You were right to take her with you.
STARBUCK: What do we do with her when she wakes up?
CASSIE: Right ... She needs someone who’s there for her to prevent her from doing something stupid ...
STARBUCK: I'll take care of her.
CASSIE: How? You're in attendance. Regarding our current situation I don’t think Colonel Tigh will give leave to you.
STARBUCK: No ... But there’s another way.

Gemini. Nisa & Boomer in bed, Boomer seems detached.

NISA: That was wonderful. We’re lucky to keep our little refuge on the Gemini. Without it we would have to give up so many things ... Hey, world to Boomer, hello? What's going on? Is something wrong?
BOOMER: I was on the Solitarias today, and I saw someone getting out of one of the rooms. For a micron I thought it was you ...
NISA: O-kaaay ... I ... I have to tell you something ... I don’t like to talk about it, but before you get to know it by someone else ... My mother is a sociolator.
NISA: I visited her. That’s all...
BOOMER: Nisa, you could have told me.
NISA: I’m sorry… Most people still consider sociolators as scum, as some second-class people ... I wasn’t sure about your reaction if I told you ...
BOOMER: Rubbish! Everyone deserves a chance to prove oneself. No matter where you come from or what you’re doing. Look at me. On Caprica, no rover mobile was safe from me. Everyone who knows me knows that. But that’s no longer important now.
NISA: What changed your attitude?
BOOMER: One night something went wrong. The car I had just broken into blocked the doors and windows and drove me straight to the police station. There I had a lot of time to think. And then I realized a lot about the people I thought to be my “friends”. At the trial they gave me a choice: either jail or military. After my father had dragged me over the coals I chose the second... Don’t worry. I love you, Nisa. And that won’t change a bit.
NISA: Do you promise?
BOOMER: I do. (kiss)
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ADAMA (LOG): The fleet is generously circumnavigating the space occupied by the Cylons. So far there are no reports of Cylon activities coming in which is a good sign. The Harkarian transport ships have reached the fleet. The leader of the new arrivals asked for an audience. I’m looking forward to speaking with him. However, I heavy-heartedly have to accede to a request by one of my most faithful fighters first.


Officer’s club.

STARBUCK: I quit. It's the only way I can help her.
SHEBA: Have you thought about that carefully?
STARBUCK: Yes. Mira needs someone who’s there for her. Cassie can’t do it and I can’t do it being on standby all the time. Chameleon once said there was nothing more important than protecting the colonies. The children are our future. The fate of the colonies will lie in their hands once. By taking care of Mira I’m doing my part.
BOOMER: But who's going to cover our backs when things get hot?
STARBUCK: You're doing that already. I have full confidence in you.
APOLLO: I think it's too late to reconsider your decision?
STARBUCK: No chance.
SHEBA: Does the Commander know about it?
STARBUCK: Yes. I talked to him last night. He understands my situation. I hope you do so, too?
APOLLO: We’d be bad friends if we didn’t.
BOOMER: Weeellll .... then ... I guess all we can do is to wish you good luck.
STARBUCK: Thank you. I'll need it.


ADAMA: Starbuck, it’s hard to lose a good fighter pilot like you. You're one of the best we've ever had.
STARBUCK: Thank you very much. (puts his collar pins on the table)
ADAMA: It will be hard to get along without you and your flight skills.
STARBUCK: Commander, I'm not out of the world. As soon as Mira stands on her own two feet I’ll resume training.
ADAMA: I hope so. (hugs Starbuck) My boy, I wish you all the best.
STARBUCK: Yes, sir. (leaves)

ADAMA: What do you think about his plans?
TIGH: Well, social commitment hasn’t hurt anybody yet. I find his idea commendable, even though it was fairly unexpected. Do you think he is up to the job?
ADAMA: He'll know what he's doing.
APOLLO: If Starbuck has set his mind on something no one can stop him. Cassiopeia assists him, too. I think it will help him grow.
ADAMA: I heard the pilots are preparing a send-off for him.
APOLLO: Yes. He would be very happy if you would attend, too, father.
ADAMA: Of course. Starbuck’s still got nine days of furlon left, so technically he is still in the team. You may celebrate the day after.
APOLLO: Yes, sir.

GELLER (on monitor): Commander, Minister Elsam has arrived.
ADAMA: Good. I’m on my way.

Council’s chambers.

ELSAM: I’d like to thank you, Commander, in the name of my people. Without you we wouldn’t have survived.
ADAMA: You are welcome, Mr Elsam. We had to help. We owe this to our race. We both are fighting a common foe.
ELSAM: Yes, Commander. We must now decide what will happen to my people.
ADAMA: Oh, I'm sure we'll find a solution.
GELLER: You could stay with us. We would protect you.
ELSAM: I'm certain you would. However, many of us wish to leave to stay with our allies. There we can start anew and won’t endanger your fleet any longer.
ADAMA: If you wish. Where are your partners?
ELSAM: Just a few parsecs away from our homeworld. But don’t worry. Terra is very hospitable.
TINIA: Terra ?! You're talking about the Alliance ?!
ELSAM: You know her?
ADAMA: We have experiences with them. Bad experiences. I will not expose my people to this danger again.
ELSAM: I understand. Perhaps there is another way. I’ll talk to my people.
GELLER: Please do, Minister.
ELSAM: ... Commander, there's something else ... Our allies may have received our distress signals as well. They will send out patrols to find us.
ADAMA: Thank you.


ADAMA: Omega! Check the long-range sensors continously! If you find anything report to me immediately.
OMEGA: Aye, sir!

SHEBA: What happened?
ADAMA: Mr Elsam has informed me that Harkaria formed a coalition with the Terran Alliance. Chances are high that a rescue party is already on its way to their coordinates.
TIGH: Damn. (to Omega) Security teams and pilots must be battle-ready around the clock.
OMEGA: Aye, sir.
SHEBA: I'll inform Apollo. Has anybody seen him?
BOOMER: After his shift he returned to his quarters.
SHEBA: Okay, I'll pick him up. See you soon. (leaves)

Apollo's quarters. Apollo and Sondra lying in bed.

APOLLO: I haven’t felt so good for a long time ..! Sondra, how do you do that?
SONDRA: I only use the weapons of a woman!
APOLLO: My mother always warned me about women like you.
SONDRA: She was a wise person.
APOLLO: I don’t want you to get a wrong impression from me. I’m really not the type of a man who spends his first date ...
SONDRA (puts her index finger on his lips): Shht! It's okay. I think we shouldn’t waste the short time we have in this world with cumbersome rituals or social conventions ... Just let yourself go and enjoy whatever life offers to you ... (kiss)

SPEAKERS: Attention, all squadron leaders report to the bridge! I repeat: All squadron leaders report to the bridge! Priority one! Special briefing in 15 centons!

APOLLO: I’ll have to go.

Apollo is standing in the doorframe.

SONDRA: Don’t stay away for too long.
APOLLO: Don’t worry. I'll be back with you asap.

They kiss each other. Sheba comes. She is speechless.

APOLLO (startled): Sheba! ... I can tell you ...
SHEBA: Not necessary. There will be a special briefing in five centons. Be prompt! (leaves)


Officer’s club.

BOOMER: That's great! We try to be helpful and in turn get into trouble with the Terran Alliance again. Apollo, you didn’t say a word since the meeting. Is something wrong?
APOLLO: No, no ... It's just because of the farewell party for Starbuck. The timing is pretty unfortunate.
BOOMER: Don’t worry. It will take place in nine days. Plenty of time to come up with something ... I guess that's not all?
APOLLO: I met someone.
BOOMER: Wow! Who is she? Do I know her?
APOLLO: She’s Harkarian. She wangled me, but I don’t know how she did it.
BOOMER: Maybe because she's a fine woman? Why are you so depressed?
APOLLO: Sheba caught me with her.
BOOMER: So what? You didn’t commit a crime... Oh, I see. Uh, oh, I think you are in trouble ...
APOLLO: She didn’t deserve that. Not that way.
BOOMER: Why didn’t you tell her what you felt for her?

Sheba comes and stops in a dark corner. She is listening to the chat.

APOLLO: I'm not ready for a relationship. Not yet.
BOOMER: You're still clinging to Serina ..?
APOLLO: It's not just that ... I have great responsibility toward Boxey. I don’t want him to lose his mother again ... Sheba is perhaps the only woman I don’t need to worry about ...
APOLLO: She's always in combat. She couldn’t come back.
BOOMER: That’s true to anyone of us. Including you. That’s our risk in life. (Sheba comes) ... I’d better leave you alone ... (leaves)

SHEBA: Apollo, I heard what you said.
APOLLO: Sheba, I ...
SHEBA: I agree with everything you said. I feel exactly like you..!
APOLLO: Really?
SHEBA: I ... Every time you go out there I'm afraid of you not coming back ... A close relationship would increase this fear. So I suggest we just should be friends.
APOLLO: Only friends?
SHEBA: Good friends. Best friends. Like we are now. Don’t you think so, too?
APOLLO: Yes...
SHEBA: Okay then ... See you later, okay?
APOLLO: Sure. Take care of yourself. (leaves)

You can see a forced smile on Sheba’s face. She looks down, tears are running down her cheek.

Corridor. Boomer meets Nisa.

BOOMER: Nisa! What are you doing here?
NISA: I forgot my identicard. Found it. (wants to leave)
BOOMER: Hey, what’s that? (sees that Nisa has a blue eye) Who did that?
NISA: I've slipped and ...
BOOMER: That doesn’t look like the result of a slip to me.
NISA: ... It was Joran. He wasn’t thrilled by me leaving him because of you ...
BOOMER: That doesn’t excuse beating a woman. You must report him!
NISA: No ... I don’t want that.
BOOMER: Why not? He must be punished. If you don’t show him his limits I'll do!
NISA: No! ... That would make things only worse ... Believe me, leave it ... It's better that way ... (leaves)
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Cassie’s quarters. Starbuck, Mira & Cassie are having dinner.

STARBUCK: Mmh, it‘s delicious, isn‘t it?
MIRA: … I‘m not very hungry… May I go?
STARBUCK: Of course.

Mira proceeds to the bedroom.

STARBUCK: I‘ll take a look.
CASSIE: Wait, sometimes a female presence is required. You may clean up the table.

Mira on bed, embracing her puppet.

CASSIE: May I do anything for you, honey?
MIRA: … No, thank you….
CASSIE (sits down): Who‘s that?
MIRA: That‘s Mr Bill.
CASSIE: Hello, Mr Bill. I‘m Cassiopeia. How are you?
MIRA (looks at Cassie): Cassiopeia, it is a puppet. It can‘t talk.
CASSIE: Oh, I forgot… Ya know, I once had a puppet, too, when I was at your age. She was a duck. I named her Anny. I believed she had a soul and shared my deepest secrets with her. I would tell her stories, and she would listen to me whenever I had a problem. She would stand by me even if I had done something wrong. Of course I knew that Anny was just a puppet, and that all the advice she gave me came from deep inside myself. The imagination of a friend on whom I could build absolute trust made me feel better. However, sometimes it is better to turn to a real friend. A friend of flesh and blood.
MIRA: I know what you mean…
CASSIE: I could be your friend if you wish.
MIRA: … If you really want to help me, tell me why they all had to die..!
CASSIE: That‘s a question I often asked to myself. I want to be frank with you, I don‘t know the answer. But I can tell you one thing: It wasn‘t your fault. You are not to blame for what has happened. Always remember that.
MIRA: … I will…
CASSIE (embraces Mira): You are such a wonderful girl. Don‘t allow that nightmare to determine your future.
MIRA: Do you still have Anny?
CASSIE: No, I‘m afraid not. I had no time to take her with me. But sometimes I think of her. Then we are close like in old times.
MIRA: I heard of Star buck's plans. I don‘t want him to give up his job only because of me.
STARBUCK (in door): It‘s alright. I considered to quit some time ago. I thought about it carefully. Now the right moment has come.
CASSIE: Do you feel better?
MIRA: A little bit… (smiles a bit)
STARBUCK: Hey, look what a pretty girl‘s sitting there! Cassie, did you see? She‘s able to smile!
CASSIE: Oh yes, you are right! You owe me 20 bucks!
MIRA: What?
CASSIE: Starbuck likes betting. Mostly he wins, but sometimes he doesn‘t.
STARBUCK: Well, the more you smile the prettier you are. I bet there were a lot of boys who had a crush on you..!
MIRA: … Nooo..!
STARBUCK: Really? That‘s not my day. But don‘t worry: Here there will be quite a few..!
MIRA: My father liked betting, too…
STARBUCK: Such a coincidence.! I‘m curious. Would you mind telling us more about you and Harkaria?
MIRA: Maybe tomorrow. I‘m tired. Please...
STARBUCK: Okay. Hey, what about a sightseeing tour? I could show you the Agro ships. There are even birds.
MIRA: That sounds good.
CASSIE: And I could introduce you to some young handsome good boys. Sure, they don‘t have any knobs, but I think you‘ll like them. (kisses Mira‘s front)
MIRA: Starbuck, Cassiopeia… Thank you. For everything..!
STARBUCK (to Cassie): Since when do you know young handsome good boys without knobs?
CASSIE: Since I met you, honey!

Mira smiles, puts herself at rest.
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ADAMA (log): Three days have passed since the Cylon attack on Harkaria. Routine and order are slowly being restored. Living space is still scarce but with the help of the newly arrived ships this problem shall be solved soon. Our new friends are integrating well and have already proven to be a valuable addition to the fleet. The fleet is in a constant state of alert but no Terran destroyers have been detected so far.

Galactica bridge.

RIGEL: Supply shuttle GAL356, this is core control. All systems clear. Launch when ready.
APOLLO: Acknowledged.

The shuttle launches.

BOOMER: What did she say?
APOLLO: She said we should be friends.
BOOMER: Well, everything’s alright then. Be happy! ...
APOLLO: I didn’t think she was thinking the way I did.
BOOMER: You know something? You’ll need some distraction to clear your mind. You had some busy days. Take the rest of the day off. I'll take over your shift.
APOLLO: That’s impossible. You can’t relieve me from duty. I’m your superior officer.
BOOMER: You're also my friend.
APOLLO: And my report? I’ll have to see if the manager has finally cleared the upper deck on the Solitarias freighter.
BOOMER: No problem. Leave that to me. Just think of the party. And of Sondra ..!
APOLLO: Thank you, Boomer.

Shuttle lands on Solitarias. Apollo walks down the corridor, opens the door to Sondra's quarters, enters and catches Sondra - in bed with Gloria!

SONDRA (surprised, covering herself with a sheet): Oh, Apollo ... May I introduce? This is Gloria. Gloria Rilkes, Glow, that's Apollo.
GLORIA (wipes off her hand and reaches out for Apollo): Good day!
SONDRA: She's a doctor.

Apollo is shocked. He is standing there with his mouth open and finally leaves.

GLORIA: What's the matter?
SONDRA (rushing after him): Apollo! Wait! What's up with you?
APOLLO: What's up with me?! Seriously?! I thought I could trust you! And now I catch you in the act, playing doctor behind my back ?!
SONDRA: What? I don’t understand. I've known Gloria since college. There’s nothing to it though ...
APOLLO: ... Having two affairs at the same time?
SONDRA: This is not an affair! Glow and I are just good friends. She sleeps with me, nothing more. What’s so wrong about it?
APOLLO: In my culture trust and loyalty are fundamental parts of a partnership. If you cannot guarantee this we should split up now. I’m sorry.! (leaves)

Boomer and two colleagues are standing before Theolon.

BOOMER: Theolon, I told you once and I will tell you again! We need the upper deck for the refugees! Either you’ll clear the rooms or we will!
THEOLON: You won’t do anything! This is my establishment! I decide how it is managed!
BOOMER: And the Colonel decides how long it will remain open. He won’t be pleased if you don’t follow the orders. So?! ... (Theolon is crossing his arms) Okay, let's go, guys!
THEOLON: Wait a centon! You are not allowed to do that! I'll sue you!
BOOMER: Just go ahead! (opens the doors to the rooms): Alright folks, the show is over! Please take your belongings and proceed to the lower deck, there you may continue with… whatever you were oing! Come on! (clears the rooms)
THEOLON (to the guests): I sincerely apologize for these inconveniences but as you can see, I'm powerless ..! Follow me, please..!

Boomer opens a door and enters the room. He witnesses a man beating a woman. Boomer jumps at him and throws him against the bed post.


BOOMER: Are you out of your mind ?! Stop it immediately! Or I'll put you under arrest! (recognizes Nisa) Nisa! Are you alright? What are you doing here?
MAN: Pah! That’s none of your business, champ! This scum is mine!
BOOMER: Why were you spanking this woman?
MAN: What? "Woman"? Are you dumb? This is just a frakkin’ sociolator! You’d better not interfere! After all I have paid for her!
BOOMER (jumps at the man, slaps him twice): You dirty daggit!
# 2: Boomer! Boomer! Don’t! (holds Boomer back)
MAN: You'll pay for that! You two will pay for that!
BOOMER (to the others): Take him to security. Have him charged with physical injury ..!

The two take the man away.

BOOMER: It’s alright, it's over. This pig will never bother you again. What are you doing here? Are you here to see your mother?
NISA: No, Boomer ... I must tell you something ... He was right ...
NISA: He was right… My mother is not here. I am a sociolator ...


BOOMER (shocked, stands up): All the time ... All the time we were together, you slept with other men ?! ... This is not true ... This can’t be true!
NISA: ... I'm sorry, Boomer ...
BOOMER (turning his back to her): Go! I never want to see you again! …

Nisa leaves.
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DAY 10

STARBUCK (Log): Mira evolved fantastically. After the ice was broken she told us about her home and was overwhelmed by the liberties we took for granted. It was so good to see her laugh again. She quickly made contact with others of her age. My mission seemed to be successful. However, on occasion there were moments in which she detached herself from the outside world. The terrible nightmares wouldn’t go away so quickly either. Despite all the comforts she was able to experience it must have been hard for her to leave her family. In this respect Mira was a reflection of myself, because today I was about to do the same.

Officer’s club. Party with banners saying "Farewell, Starbuck".

Josh, a human boy, takes a picture of Mira, Cassie & Starbuck, prints it and gives it to her, she kisses him on his cheek.

CASSIE: Now look at that. Isn’t that cute?
STARBUCK: I’m really glad that she made friends that quickly.

MIRA (coming): Cassie, Starbuck, look! (shows the picture to them)
STARBUCK: That's great. Ya know, you're photogenic indeed. You could become a model.
MIRA: Do you really think so?
STARBUCK: Absolutely. I'll make some contacts.
CASSIE: But first she’ll finish school, right?
STARBUCK: Erh, right. (sees Apollo & Boomer) I'll be back in a flash. (leaves)

Mira smiles at Josh.

CASSIE: I've seen you kissing.
MIRA (embarrassed): He’s my first, you know ...
CASSIE: Hey, that's wonderful! I'm so happy for you.
MIRA: Josh is so cute! Even though he doesn’t have any knobs..! Geez, when he touched my cheek knobs, I thought I was about to fly!
CASSIE: Believe me, this is the most exciting time of your life. Enjoy it!
MIRA: (pointing to Starbuck) ... You do love him very much, right?
MIRA: Why don’t you marry him?
CASSIE: Yaknow, Starbuck is a bit shy regarding that. Sometimes he needs to get some time.
MIRA: I know. Mom said the same about Daddy on more than one occasion... Cassie, thank you so much. You've done so much for me. Starbuck even gives up his job ... I don’t know if I deserve all of this.
CASSIE: Of course you do, honey. Whatever may happen, everything will be fine from now.

Apollo & Boomer at the table, depressed.

BOOMER: Women ...
APOLLO: You can not make sense of them ...
BOOMER: Starbuck's the lucky man again ...

STARBUCK: Hey, do you already miss me?
JOLLY: Are you homesick?
GILES: I noticed something: Since you're not flying anymore nobody's been shot down.


STARBUCK: Hey, I heard that! Why are you pulling such wry faces? This isn’t a funeral. Have fun and enjoy the party! If I had known that you’re having such a hard time to get over my leaving the team I might have reconsidered it.
BOOMER: Apollo has trouble with his Harkarian girlfriend.
STARBUCK: You have ... a Harkarian? Wow. They must be stunning.
APOLLO: What do you mean?
STARBUCK: Mira told me that Harkarians were able to release pheromones through their knobs which might drive their partners crazy.
BOOMER: Oh, I think now we have just found the answer to your question, why you were so crazy for her. You had no chance ...
APOLLO (surprised): Indeed ...

Sheba listens carefully.


ADAMA: What's the matter?
TIGH: It’s starting, Commander. A fleet of 22 Terran destroyers is inbound. They’re heading straight for us and blocking our way.
ADAMA: We knew it would happen. Get me Minister Elsam.
OMEGA: Commander, the leading vessel is hailing us.
ADAMA: Let’s hear them!
BROOKS: Battlestar, this is Kommandant Brooks of the Terran Alliance. We have detected several Harkarian ships to be part of your fleet. Obviously, you are providing shelter to numerous survivors. We thank you for your help but now we ask you to surrender these people to us. If you don’t comply we will use any force necessary. You have one hour!
ADAMA: Kommandant ... (screen turns off)
OMEGA: The transmission was terminated.

TIGH: The minister, sir.
ADAMA: Mr Elsam, we have a problem ..!

TIGH (on loudspeaker): Attention, this is an emergency! All squadron leaders report to the bridge immediately!

MIRA: What does that mean?
STARBUCK: ... We'll find out. Come! (takes her hand and leaves)

TIGH: Wait a centon, Starbuck, you are a civilian now.
STARBUCK: Today is the final day of my furlon. That means I'm officially still a Lieutenant.
ADAMA: It's alright, Colonel. I’d like to talk to Starbuck anyway.
STARBUCK: Commander, this is Mira.
ADAMA: Oh, I'm glad to meet you.
STARBUCK (to Mira): What do you think?
MIRA: I've never seen anything so big ... It's overwhelming ...
APOLLO: Father, what happened?
ADAMA: A destroyer unit from Terra is blocking our way. They are forcing us to surrender the Harkarian refugees. We still have 45 centons to comply.
APOLLO: If the Alliance brings in the big guns to get their allies they might be better off with us instead of them.
ADAMA: The Alliance’s premise is to dominate over other peoples. If I fulfil their demand I’ll condemn the Harkarians to slavery for life.
STARBUCK: They’ve already been controlling the population of the planet before the Cylons came. Here they have a chance to be free.
ADAMA: Correct. If I don’t surrender them we may be on the brink of a new war.
STARBUCK: I'm afraid we’ll have to take that risk. (to Mira) Or would you like to be with them?
MIRA: ... They ... they will put me in an orphanage ... and decide my fate ... No, I’d like to stay here. With you!
ELSAM: Commander, I’ve consulted with my people. They think the same way. The alliance with Terra was a mistake. In the name of all Harkarians I’m asking you for political asylum.
ADAMA: ...
STARBUCK: I’m not letting Mira go. I’d rather die.
ADAMA: ... You don’t have to. Colonel, prepare the ship for battle.
BOOMER (to Starbuck & Mira): Come on, take shelter.
CASSIE: Get deeper inside the ship. There you will be safe. I'm in the life center.


BROOKS: Battlestar, the time is up. What is your decision?
ADAMA: We will not surrender the Harkarians to you. We have granted them political asylum.
BROOKS: Your last word?
ADAMA: Get out of our flight path or we'll push you aside! (screen off)

OMEGA: Commander, the destroyers are moving into attack position.
ADAMA: Battle stations! Launch all Vipers!

Launch. The battle begins, lots of explosions.

OMEGA: Sir, they are able to cause serious damage.
TIGH: They’re using Cylon weapons and solenite bombs.
ADAMA: They must have taken them from somewhere. Reinforce the shields!

Starbuck, Mira and other people are running down the corridors, a powerful blast stops their escape.

# 1: Damn it! The bulkhead is jammed! We can’t open the door.
# 2: We’ll have to take another way. Come on! Come on!

Mira is hyperventilating, Starbuck takes her in his arms.

STARBUCK: Shh, everything will be fine. Just breathe. Deeply in and out again. In and out. You hear me? In and out ... (Mira calms down) Very good. Everything will be fine, my darling ...
MIRA: I'm scared ...

Starbuck and Mira keep running, battle, cooling tubes break, Starbuck & Mira are coughing.

STARBUCK: Move, fast! We must hurry!

Explosions, beams drop from the ceiling, smoke, people are flying through the air. Starbuck is lying on the ground, Mira is stuck under a beam. She is bleeding.

STARBUCK: Quick, get help! We need a med kit! (crawls to Mira) Mira! Do you hear me? Say something!
MIRA: ... Daddy ...
STARBUCK: Stay with me! Help is on the way! (pushes the beam aside, metal bars have penetrated her belly) It’s all good, I’m with you ...
MIRA: It hurts so much. Mummy ...
CASSIE (coming): I'm here, darling ..! (scans her, tries to stop the bleeding) Damn, I cannot close the frakkin’ artery..!
MIRA: Mummy ...
CASSIE: Mummy’s here, little one, Mummy’s here ...
MIRA: Thank you ... for everything ... I love --- ...
CASSIE: She ... she's gone ..!

#3: They’re retreating! It's over.
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Galactica hangar bay. Close-up of Starbucks collar pins, camera zooms away from them, you see Starbuck and his friends at the space funeral. Mira’s coffin is released into space.


Cassie’s quarters.

STARBUCK: We didn’t save her.
CASSIE: Yes, we did.
STARBUCK: It was all in vain ...
CASSIE: No ... (takes Mira’s teddy, feels something in its back) Look ... (pulls out a wrinkledpicture of Mira and her parents) The whole family ...
STARBUCK: No ... Someone’s missing ... (takes the picture ofMira, Cassie and Starbuck out of the pocket of his jacket and holds it beside the other one) Now it's the whole family ... (embraces Cassie, both are looking out the window)

Solitarias freighter. Boomer meets Nisa.

BOOMER: Nisa ...
NISA: Boomer, I'm so sorry for lying to you. However, please believe me, my feelings for you were real. I didn’t tell the truth because I was afraid of you leaving me.
BOOMER: Do you have so little faith in me? Listen, I'm here to take you with me. To Galactica.
NISA: ... I can’t ...
BOOMER: I’m offering you a ticket to freedom. No more abuse, no more taxes, no more niff and stench. A fresh beginning.
NISA: That's impossible ...
BOOMER: Just say yes. If you don’t do it for me, do it for your mother.
NISA: I don’t even know who my parents are. This is my home. Everything I know. The sociolators have taken care of me since I was able to think. They’re my family.
BOOMER: You no longer owe them anything.
NISA: I can’t go with you. I’m neededhere.
BOOMER: Rubbish!
NISA: Just think of all these lonely pilots who’ll never be able to start a family because of their lives being so short ... We give them something they’ll never know. And who knows, perhaps one day our profession will regain the prestige it once had.
BOOMER: It's your life. You must know what you're doing. Goodbye ... (leaves)
NISA: Boomer, if you ever feel lonely ... You know where I am …


Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny…



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