GALACTICA 6551: 2. The Second Chance


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Aug 1, 2009

2. The Second Chance


by Marcell von dem Berge

(© 1999 / revision 10/2017)


Based on the classic television series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA created by Glen A. Larson
and on characters created by Glen A. Larson.
Battlestar Galactica © ® & ™ Universal City Studios.
This script is free. It is a non-profit fan project and for personal use only.
No infringement intended.
No commercial use.


Apollo is lying in his bed, rolling back and forth. He awakes with a start, bathed in sweat. He turns on the light, looks around. Everything is quiet aside from the distant humming sound of Galactica’s engines. He is breathing deeply, feels irritated and out of place.

APOLLO: Something's wrong ... (looks around) Boxey? ...

No answer. Apollo gets up.

APOLLO: Boxey? Muffit? (no trace of them; to himself) Where are they ..?

Apollo is walking down the corridors. He meets Boomer.

APOLLO: Boomer, good to see you.
BOOMER: Man, you look aweful! Is everything alright with you?
APOLLO: Yeah, I guess so ... Listen, did you see Boxey? He was not in his room ...
BOOMER: Boxey? You mean Roxey, the new cadet from flight school. I believe he’s still awed by being aboard a battlestar.
APOLLO: No, no, Boxey. My son. I can’t find neither him nor Muffit.
BOOMER: Your son? My friend, you should see a doctor. I’m serious, you look like a living corpse.
APOLLO (confused): I ... erh ... don’t know ... (leaves)

Boomer watches Apollo leave and looks worried. Apollo stops and examines a rotating fan. Starbuck is coming.

STARBUCK: Apollo! Is something wrong?
APOLLO: Since when does the air-conditioning work again in this compartment?
APOLLO: It’s been out of order for sectons because we were unable to produce suitable spare parts.
STARBUCK: Buddy, the fan is checked on a daily basis and has never been broken. Are you okay?
APOLLO: ... I must go to the bridge ..! (leaves)

STARBUCK: It’s got to be the pressure.
BOOMER: Tell me something new..!


TIGH: Switch the long-range sensors to full capacity and run a full scan of the area ahead.
OMEGA: Aye, sir.
APOLLO: Colonel, have you seen my father? I need to speak with him.
TIGH: He is with the Quorum in the council’s chambers discussing the course of the festivities.
APOLLO: Which festivities?
TIGH: The festivities on occasion of the Cylon peace overture. The treaty will be signed tomorrow.

APOLLO: ... Has everybody gone crazy?! (leaves)

TIGH: What's up with him?
ATHENA: I don’t know ...

Council’s chambers. The Quorum members are leaving. Apollo comes to Adama.

ADAMA: Apollo!
APOLLO: Father, what’s going on here? Where’s Boxey? And why is everybody talking about a peace conference? If this is a joke it’s not very funny ...
ADAMA: My boy, you're confusing me. I don’t know what you are talking about. We are preparing the peace celebration. President Adar said ...
APOLLO: Adar? Wait a moment - he's dead!
ADAMA: Apollo, please! He's on Atlantia. I spoke with him two centons ago.
APOLLO: That’s impossible!
ADAMA: Apollo, pull yourself together, son! Just take a look out there and tell me what you see!

Apollo turns around and looks through the panorama window: He sees ten battlestars above Caprica!

APOLLO: What the hell is going on?!

Close-up of his shocked face → fadeout.


There are those, who believe…



Rick Springsteen as Zack
Edward Mulhare as John
Lew Ayres as Adar
John Colicos as Baltar
Jane Seymour as Serina


ADAMA: Apollo, what's up with you?
APOLLO: I ... I don’t know ... I’m not feeling well... at all ...
ADAMA: Report to the life center and have a checkup by Dr Salik. You must be fit for the party tomorrow, huh?
APOLLO: Yes, that’s a good idea ... (leaves)


ZACK: Apollo! Finally. I've been looking all over for you. The patrol is waiting.
APOLLO: Zack? ... I'm not feeling well.
ZACK: Oh man, don’t you think it’s a bit late to tell me that now? Yep, there’s definitely something wrong with you. You look like you've seen a ghost. Listen, regarding the patrol ... Do you mind me flying instead of you?
ZACK: Come on! I’m old enough!
APOLLO: You have no experience!
ZACK: How can I ever get experience if you never allow me to fly?
APOLLO: Listen, we'll talk about it later, okay? Excuse me, I’ll have to go to the LC ... (leaves)
ZACK (to himself): You’re never going to switch patrols. I know you, brother ... Well, there are other pilots who may do it ..! (leaves)

LC (Life Center).

APOLLO (astonished): Erin?
ERIN: Captain? You alright?
APOLLO: No. Is Dr Salik here?
ERIN: Of course. Sit down, please. The doctor will be with you in a centon. (leaves)

A doctor is coming and approaches Apollo from behind.

JOHN: Good morning, Captain!
APOLLO (turns around, startled, sees Doctor with respirator and clipboard): Yes? I thought Dr Salik would ...
JOHN: He is a bit ... indisposed at the moment. Please allow me to answer your questions instead.
APOLLO: I doubt you can.
JOHN: Oh, I'm very qualified, Captain.
APOLLO: A doctor cannot solve my problems, I’m afraid.
JOHN: I agree. But maybe an old friend from Terra can..!
APOLLO: John ?!
JOHN: I'm glad you remember me.
APOLLO: I was beginning to think you’d be behind this circus! What is this all about?
JOHN: Well, I'll tell you. But I suggest to continue our conversation at a more private place.

Apollo & John disappear in a bright flash like "Q".

SALIK (comes, looks around): Erin, where’s my patient?

Apollo & John appear in Apollo's quarters.

JOHN: Not everyone needs to know what’s going on.
APOLLO: Oh, nice. So, what’s up? I see people who died two yahren ago, my son has disappeared, a fleet of battlestars is flying around outside and everyone is talking about a peace conference.
JOHN: Oh, if I had known that you have already found everything out for yourself we could have skipped this introduction ... (looks up) Yes, yes, alright! I'll tell him the rest! ... Sorry, but sometimes they are so impatient. (to Apollo) Well, everything you may see, hear and even smell - is real. No one knows anything about the destruction of the colonies because it hasn’t happened yet. You, Apollo, have been chosen to save the colonies.

Close-up of Apollo's shocked face → fade out.


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APOLLO: That's impossible. I cannot change the past.
JOHN: Don’t think in such three-dimensional terms. Time is relative. Like thoughts traversing the dimensions.
APOLLO: What do you mean?
JOHN: When you have reached our evolutional stage you will understand.
APOLLO: But ... that's impossible. Nobody gets a second chance, ever.
JOHN: You do.
APOLLO: No, no! I don’t have time for these kinda games. Send me back. Now.
JOHN: Oh, you don’t understand. This is not a game. Besides, you would have been dead if I hadn’t sent you back. And none of us wants that.
JOHN: An electric shock. On the landing bay. A very stupid accident. I’m giving you a tip for the future: Watch your position. And regarding the second chance, just see it as the fulfillment of a long-cherished dream. Think about it: your brother, your wife, your mother ... There is so much for you to win.
APOLLO: I don’t understand.
JOHN: I was so sure about that when we were discussing this project. Don’t try to do so. It’ll make things much easier. (looks around, sees a bottle on the table) Mmh .... is this honey wine?
APOLLO: Ambrosa.
JOHN: One of the reasons why I regret that we've abandoned our physical existence. The sensual pleasures of life, well, well ... At least we never get arthritis or something like that.
APOLLO: Why me?
JOHN: Well, you are your father’s son. Open-hearted, compelling and you think first before you act. Prudence and tactics are important for diplomacy, you know. Our recent meetings have proven that you are the best choice to act as a link between our peoples. Well then, there’re about twenty centars left until the Cylons attack the fleet. Plenty of time to convince your people that the peace treaty is nothing more than a worthless piece of paper and Count Baltar is a traitor.
APOLLO: What if I decide to just sit down and wait and see what happens?
JOHN: That's exactly what Tsar Nicholas II did. Now he is dead and his fellows experience 75 years of communism. He would have called it "Sudjba" ...
APOLLO: And if I fail?
JOHN: Believe me, it would be better for you and your future if you don’t.
APOLLO: The same agony again? The same pain?
JOHN: It's all up to you.
APOLLO: But how am I supposed to ..?
JOHN: I have full confidence in your resources. Use your imagination. Sky’s the limit. Good luck! (waves and disappears)

Cylon basestar. Tankers are taking off.


CYLON: Imperious Leader, the tankers have started and are heading for the Dianus sector.
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Very good. Our Raiders will be in excellent condition when the attack begins!

Adama's quarters. The door rings.

> BLEEP! <

ADAMA: Come!
APOLLO: Do you have a centon, father?
ADAMA: Yes, of course. What's the matter?
APOLLO: The general euphoria in the fleet.
ADAMA: I cannot blame our people for that. Everyone’s eagerly and joyfully awaiting the first peace since 1,000 yahren.
APOLLO: Maybe. But think about it: Thisjoyful atmosphereincreases our vulnerability.
ADAMA: I understand your concerns. I’m aware of the danger of being taken by surprise. For this reason I’ll have a routine patrol launched tomorrow, as usual, no matter what will happen during the conference. I don’t trust the Cylons and their sudden change of heart.
APOLLO: Likewise. Believe me, this peace offer is an attempt at deception. When everyone’s on Atlantia to sign the treaty, the Cylons will attack and take us completely off guard.
ADAMA: Are you sure?
APOLLO: I can feel it ...
ADAMA: Fine, but how do you propose convincing the President? If I tell him that one of our 500 pilots “can feel it" without providing any proof chances are high that he won’t listen.
APOLLO: I have it on good authority. The Cylons are distributing tankers to different sectors of the system. They will launch more than 1,000 Raiders tomorrow morning - fully fuelled and armed.
ADAMA: How do you come for that, Apollo?
APOLLO: ... I … have spied on Count Baltar.
ADAMA: Spied on Count Baltar?
APOLLO: Yes. He accidentally mentioned the plan during a private transmission on Intercom. I was standing in a dark corner, he didn’t see me. That's why I was so confused this morning. I just didn’t know what to do.
ADAMA: That makes sense! This sudden request for peace, Baltar acting as an intermediary, the suspiciously inconspicuous distribution of baseships near our sector ...
APOLLO: When they attack, their assault group will be mistaken for a welcoming committee ..!
ADAMA: Is there anybody or anything confirming your story?
APOLLO: I’m afraid, no. I was alone.
ADAMA: Hum, that’s too bad. However, I’ll inform the President.


ADAR: Commander, I appreciate your concerns, however, if your guess is wrong you’ll condemn quadrons of negotiations to failure. The Cylons reached out their hand to us. If we export our fighters now they could be interpreted as an act of aggression.
ADAMA: Mr President, I wouldn’t have contacted you if I wasn’t certain by 100%. I’m not asking you to attack. Just send out some Recon Vipers to monitor the different sectors and to report strange activities. Nothing more. In addition, I suggest the whole fleet to go to yellow alert for the time being. Only until the treaty has been signed by both parties.
ADAR: I'll think about it, Commander.
ADAMA: Thank you, Mr President.

Galactica. Officers’ Club. Apollo comes in, sees Zack, Starbuck, Boomer, Jolly, Athena at the table. Starbuck is in good spirits. He is telling a story, Athena is holding his arm and kisses him. Starbuck smiles at her.

STARBUCK (sees Apollo): Hey-hey!
BOOMER: How are you?
APOLLO: Doc said I was fine. It was just a bad dream.
STARBUCK: Thank the Lords. Come here, sit down. There’s always an empty chair for you.
APOLLO: Thank you. (sits down)
ZACK: Starbuck’s telling us how he managed to outfly the enemy squadrons during the attack on Torben. Just imagine: There were Raiders coming in on him from the front, from the back and from above.
JOLLY: And what does he do? Fires his lasers, makes a 1-80, keeps on firing, pulls his nose up and switches to full reverse at a distance of 0.04 Kils!
STARBUCK: All of them slammed into each other. You should have seen the fireworks. That was beyond crazy!
BOOMER: What? Your maneuver or the fireworks? (everybody is laughing)
ATHENA: By the way, I truly am crazy .... for you! (kisses Starbuck)
APOLLO: Yeah, that's ... nice ... Listen, I've got a problem and I thought you could help me with it.
BOOMER: What is it?
APOLLO: I have this bad feeling that we’re being deceived.
STARBUCK: Really? Everybody thinks everything’s perfect.
APOLLO: Too perfect.
ATHENA: Why? What do you mean?
APOLLO: I believe the peace offer is a very clever attempt at deception.
BOOMER: What? What makes you believe so?
APOLLO: I have found out by accident that the Cylons are distributing large numbers of tankers near our outposts. By doing so they’re increasing the range of their Raiders without repositioning their baseships.
JOLLY: Did you tell the Commander?
APOLLO: Yes. But I suspect the President won’t take him seriously. At least not without proof.
BOOMER: The old story of the boy who cried Lupus.
APOLLO: The President wants peace at any cost and will welcome the Cylons with open arms.
STARBUCK: Who won’t be coming with the Leader but with a bunch of metron bombs instead.
APOLLO: Exactly.
BOOMER: What are you suggesting to do?
APOLLO: As I said, we have no proof ...
ZACK: Maybe we can change that. We only have to check the actual positions of their tankers. If their ships are less than ten hexars away from the next Colonial orbit they are clearly violating the Treaty of Ursia.
ATHENA: That's an awesome idea, brother! That way we’ll demonstrate that we are not the ones firing first ... Officially it would be a routine patrol, nothing special.
BOOMER: If we discover a breach of the treaty the fleet will be put on alert. At least we’ll gain some time.
APOLLO: So are you with me?
STARBUCK: You can count on us, buddy!

Atlantia. President’s quarters. The door rings.

> BLEEP! <

ADAR: Come!
BALTAR (entering): You wanted to see me, Mr President?
ADAR: Yes. Please sit down.
BALTAR: What’s the matter?
ADAR: Count Baltar, I was told that our Cylon friends were moving tankers into our sector.
BALTAR: ... That's ... absurd ..! Cylons always keep their contracts. They are programmed to do so.
ADAR: Well, frankly said, I too find this message insubstantial but I am obliged to clear up the matter.
BALTAR: Of course, Mr President. I am sure this is just a story by an overbearing pilot. A pilot who hasn’t enjoyed a shore leave for too long. No, no. You know my reports on the Central Command. The Empire finds a continuation of the hostilities illogical. The resources have been spent, Cylon has been completely squeezed out.
ADAR (smiles): I'm not questioning the motifs of our friends. I too am sure these are only rumours of those who are afraid of the unknown.
BALTAR: So you're going to refuse this claim?
ADAR: I’ll acknowledge the concerns. Thank you for having found the time to clarify the matter, Count Baltar.
BALTAR: With all due respect, Mr President, that was a piece of cake. I have to thank you..! (shakes hands with Adar, is about to leave) Erh, Mr President, if you don’t mind my asking, but who brought these rumours to your attention?
ADAR: That’s of no importance any longer. Don’t be late for the conference.
BALTAR: I'll be there on time! (bows slightly and leaves)
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Galactica bridge.

ADAMA: Colonel Tigh, constant yellow alert for the whole ship.
TIGH: Aye, sir!
APOLLO: How was it?
ADAMA: I told him what I was told, but he's just ... stubborn.
APOLLO: The Lords of Kobol may forgive you for using this term but it’s typical of him.
ADAMA: Thank you.
APOLLO: Listen, I have a plan. What do you think of §110 section 2 of the Treaty of Ursia?
ADAMA (lifts his brows): ... Ohh ..! What do you suggest?
APOLLO: I need one squadron. If we discover anything out of the ordinary we’ll turn around and report immediately. And if we are attacked no one will be able to blame us.
ADAMA: Agreed. Good luck! (Apollo leaves) Colonel, inform the other ships that a squadron is launched to check our borders.
TIGH: Sir, we conducted such a check a secton ago.
ADAMA: I thought the results have been accidentally deleted?
TIGH: ... You mean ... Oh, yes, of course, that was really a very, very stupid accident ... I’ll inform Atlantia!
ADAMA: Thank you, Colonel.

Launch bay.

ZACK (coming): Apollo, I'm ready to launch.
APOLLO: Zack! I've said it a thousand times and I’ll say it again: You're not ready yet. You're much too young!
ZACK: That’s no valid argument. I'm a warrior! Exactly like you! This is my chance to prove it. Don’t you understand? I’ve never failed in the simulator.
APOLLO: This is no simulation out there. Believe me, if you join us you will ... (pauses)
ZACK: Listen, if something happens I’ll turn around and fly back home immediately. Besides, Jolly, Starbuck and Boomer can cover me.
APOLLO: ... You’ll stay with your wingman! No fancy flying!
ZACK: Sure!
APOLLO: Okay then, let’s go!
ZACK: Yoo-Hoo!


RIGEL: Transferring flight controls to probe craft. All systems checked. Launch when ready!

Launch. The Vipers are swooshing through the launch tubes.

STARBUCK: Where’re we going, boss?
APOLLO: Let’s head for the Dianus sector. There are two Cylon tankers orbiting Symtar.
BOOMER: Copy that!

ZACK: Apollo, the cloud layer is directly ahead.
APOLLO: I see it. I’m deploying a timer beacon. If we don’t deactivate it within ten centons it will transmit a distress call to the fleet. Just to be safe in case we are losing contact with the homebase during a confrontation.

The beacon is deployed. The Vipers are entering the cloud layer.

APOLLO: Switch your scanners to full capacity. We are close.
STARBUCK: Erh, Apollo, I don’t want to be the party pooper but there’s nothing on my scanner.
JOLLY: Confirmed. The whole sector is free.

The fog is clearing up, you can see the black stone moon.


APOLLO (confused): I don’t understand ... They must be here!
STARBUCK: But they aren’t.
ZACK: What do we do now?
APOLLO: ... We ... Let’s go back …

BOOMER: The beacon is still active.
APOLLO: Help yourself.
BOOMER: Thank you!


Galactica. Bridge.

ADAMA: I thought it was a safe bet.
APOLLO: I thought so, too. I can’t explain.
ADAMA: Well, at least you tried.
APOLLO: I can think of only one person responsible for this.
ADAMA (nods): Baltar.
APOLLO: Yes, exactly. Someone must have warned him. Do you know where I can find him?
ADAMA: No, he left the convoy some time ago to pursue his mining operations. But he’ll be with us again to welcome the Imperious Leader on Atlantia tomorrow morning.

Galactica. Adama’s quarters.

TIGH: Our greatest weakness is the time we need to get our ships ready for combat. A few well-placed hits to vital systems during these microns could be crucial.
OMEGA: We’ll have to keep the ships battle-ready permanently, to be safe.
ADAMA: That’d be an explicit violation of the regulations of the peace conference. This would put us before a court martial immediately.
OMEGA: Unless nobody knows.
TIGH: How?
OMEGA: Technically it’s possible. We simply use our anti-collision shield. Usually it protects us from debris, space dust and micro meteorites. It’d be relatively easy to modify it to kinda superimpose the electro magnetic fields emitted by our weapon systems and shields and render them virtually invisible.
TIGH: Meaning, our weapon systems will be fully activated and no-one will notice? If we do it, we can only turn to people we can implicitly trust and who keep it a secret.
ADAMA: That’s not a big problem. Colonel, you choose the people. Begin with the old war veterans like Kronus. The Solaria and Columbia should undoubtedly be on our side. No word to Atlantia. There are too many peace sympathizers there who could ruin the plan. Omega, prepare an encrypted communiqué.
OMEGA: Aye, sir. (leaves)
TIGH: Remember, if the Cylons do not attack and the Quorum becomes aware of our little conspiracy we all will bear serious consequences.
ADAMA: Don’t worry, they are going to attack ..! Whatever may happen, they’ll have to fire the first shot, not us. As soon as they have broken the armistice nothing is going to stop us.
TIGH: Sir, you haven’t considered one thing: Atlantia will undoubtedly be their primary target. What if the ship is destroyed while you are still on board?
ADAMA: That’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Apollo's quarters.

JOHN (appears): You’re doing fine!
APOLLO: Do you really think so? I’ve made a complete fool of myself. Was that your doing?
JOHN: Oh no, what do you think about us? You know, we don’t interfere with the decisions of others.
APOLLO: I don’t agree with that. Your mere presence here is interference enough. Why are we supposed to get a second chance? What’s the true purpose of this mission?
JOHN: I’m sorry but I cannot tell you. Our decision is unusual but, at the moment, it is the best for you. For mankind. Trust me.
APOLLO: Right now I trust only myself.
JOHN: That’s a good attitude indeed. Bye for now! (waves and disappears)


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The next morning. Galactica. Officers' quarters.

STARBUCK (shaves, smoking a cigar): Oh, good morning!
APOLLO: Hey buddy! Tell me, could you take over my patrol today, please? I need to be on Atlantia to check something out.
STARBUCK: Oh, come on, is that really necessary? There’s a big game at ten o’clock. Jack, Brent, Star, the whole Catella gang. We all wanted to meet here ...
APOLLO: Starbuck, please, it’s very important!
STARBUCK: … Erh, alright.
APOLLO: Thank you. And be careful! (leaves)
STARBUCK: You owe me one, pal! Next time you’ll take my shift!


BALTAR: Mr President, I’ve just received a message from my guards. Someone’s asking for me at my quarters. With your permission I’d like to excuse me for a centon.
ADAR: Of course.
BALTAR: Thank you very much! (leaves)

Baltar's quarters. Two guards are standing by the door.

BALTAR (enters): Ahh, Captain Apollo! The son of the great honourable Commander Adama. What do you wish from me?
BALTAR: Me? What’s that supposed to mean?
APOLLO: The Dianus sector. Ring any bells?
BALTAR: Oh, it was you ...
APOLLO: I've seen through you and your game. I know everything about your connections to the Cylons and your plan to undermine the peace negotiations.
BALTAR: Oh, really? And what do you think who will still believe you after your nagging about the tankers? That was the biggest laugh of the day. The news have spread like wildfire: Adama's son - taken leave of his senses!
APOLLO: I know the truth. That’s all that counts.
BALTAR: Noble, noble. (pours some Ambrosa into a chalice) You must admit, having the tankers retreat was a brilliant move.
APOLLO: I admit, it surprised me. But you are and will be a traitor!
BALTAR: Tse-tse-tse! "Traitor" is such a ... hard word. I’d rather call my co-operation with the Cylons as “survival tactics”. Their forces have become so powerful, we won’t sustain the slightest bit of a chance against them. Our defeat is merely a matter of time. And when that time comes, it is me who’s going to be on the side of the victors.
APOLLO: Do you really believe they will let you live? What could you possibly offer to them aside from teaching them lessons in grovelling?
BALTAR (angry): That’s none of your business. Like I don’t care about the fate of these people here. The attack was not prevented by your actions, just postponed. Your desire for peace will be your undoing, Captain!
APOLLO: Not as long as I’m alive! (draws his gun) You’ll come with me now and answer the President.
BALTAR (unimpressed): We'll see!

Baltar pours out the contents of his chalice over Apollo and jumps at him. They are fighting against each other. Apollo defeats Baltar. The door opens, two guards rush in.

GUARD1: What’s going on here?
APOLLO: Count Baltar is a collaborator! Seize him!
GUARD2: Is that true?
BALTAR: I'm afraid, yes. The Captain saw through me.
GUARD1: How unfortunate ...
GUARD2: ... for him ..!

Apollo looks at the guards, confused. Guard1 points his weapon at him, fires and hits Apollo’s stomach. Apollo drops to the floor.

BALTAR: Well done, mates. A few microns later and he would have taken me to the President.

Baltar searches Apollo and finds a recording device.

BALTAR: Smart, but not smart enough!

Baltar takes Apollo's weapon, destroys the recorder, puts the blaster in.

BALTAR (to guards): Is everything ready? (guards nod) Then let’go! A new era is awaiting us!

Baltar leaves, pan on Apollo's corpse, fadeout.


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A basestar is approaching.


Atlantia. Landing bay.

ADAR: Remember, there are still many hostile feelings amongst our warriors. We should welcome our guests as cordially as possible.
BALTAR: One question, Mr President: Have you ordered all ships of the fleet to deactivate their shields? Activated weapon systems could be misinterpreted as an act of aggression ...
ADAR: Of course.
BALTAR: Good ..!

Imperious Leader’s throne room.

CYLON: Imperious Leader, our scanners show: all weapon systems offline. Count Baltar's deception was successful.
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Excellent. Prepare for the attack!
CYLON: By your command!

Baltar's quarters.

JOHN (appears): Oh my! This is turning into a habit! (bends over Apollo, holds Apollo’s neck with his left hand, touches the wound with his right hand, the palm starts to glow, the wound disappears)
APOLLO (regains consciousness and gasps): What ... what happened?
JOHN: Nothing too bad. You were dead, but just a bit. I told you to watch your position. I won’t be able to protect you forever!
APOLLO: Where’s Baltar?
JOHN: He’s with the President and the ministers to welcome the Cylon Imperious Leader on the landing bay. But this is just a trick. They’re not sending the real Leader but a double instead, filled with explosives!
APOLLO: So what are we waiting for? (gets up)

Cylon Shuttle takes off, flies in, lands in front of the welcoming committee. Apollo rushes to the landing bay, takes a new blaster out of a gun locker. Centurions leave the shuttle, you can see the weapon under Baltar's cloak.

CYLON1: Presenting His Eminence, the Imperious Leader!

The (fake) Imperious Leader gets out. Close-up of his eyes.

Leader’s throne room. The eyes of the fake leader record everything they see and display the arrival on a large screen at the wall of the Leader’s throne room. The camera pulls back and you recognize the (real) Imperious Leader sitting on his throne. He is watching the transmission.

CYLON: The drone is approaching the delegates.
IMPERIOUS LEADER: I see it, Centurion! Begin the countdown!
CYLON: By your command! Five centons - from now!
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Excellent! When the bomb explodes launch all Raiders to destroy the flagship!

The fake Imperious Leader is welcomed by Adar.

ADAR: Sublime Leader of Cylon, on behalf of the Council of the Twelve Colonies of Man, I cordially welcome you aboard our great flagship Atlantia.
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Mr President, I thank you very much for your invitation. May this day be recorded forever in the memory of our two peoples.
ADAR: How true. Please, follow me ..!

APOLLO (jumps off the elevator): All hands take cover! It’s a trap!

Everyone turns around. Guard1 fires at Apollo. Apollo shoots back and hits, Guard1 hits the floor. A Cylon fires at Guard2, Apollo fires and hits the Cylon. The delegates are running toward the elevator. Baltar is confused, draws his blaster and hides in a corner. More Centurions are leaving the shuttle. They continue to fire, destroy the Telecom on the wall and the elevator.

ADAMA (taking cover): Siress Diane, stay with me! (protects her)
DIANE: They’ve destroyed the Telecom and the elevator! We are trapped and can’t call for help!
ADAMA: The bridge crew will detect the firefight.
DIANE: Yes, but we'll all be dead before the special units arrive!

Apollo jumps across the bay and pulls the President out of the line of fire and to the ground. The guards continue to fire at the Cylons. The air is filled with flying sparks and smoke.

ADAR: Captain! What’s going on here?
APOLLO: The peace negotiations are officially terminated. The Cylons want to kill the Quorum, and Baltar is with them!
ADAR: I can see that!

Apollo fires at the Leader. Sparks are spraying about. The transmission on the monitor of the real Leader starts flickering.

IMPERIOUS LEADER: That Colonial warrior has thwarted our plan. But it is not over yet. Cancel the countdown and fire the bomb now!
CYLON: By your command!

(nothing happens)

IMPERIOUS LEADER: What is it, Centurion? Why is there no explosion?
CYLON: The last hit has destroyed the radio receiver. The bomb can no longer be remote-controlled. We will have to wait for the countdown to end.
CYLON: Three centons.
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Activate weapon systems!

The gunfight continues. Baltar sees the Leader on the floor and heads for him.

BALTAR: Your Eminence! You are damaged, but don’t worry. I’ll save you!

Baltar drags him to the Cylon shuttle. The doors to the runway are blown open. A special unit is storming the launch bay.

DIANE: The special unit! Thank the Lords!

The Centurions continue to fight. Baltar mans the cockpit of the shuttle and launches. The fake Imperious Leader is sitting next to him on the co-pilot seat. The shuttle takes off, the remaining Centurions are destroyed by the storm unit. They fire at the shuttle but are unable to take it down.


APOLLO: It’s over! Let them go!
ADAMA: Apollo! Mr President! Are you alright?
ADAR: Yes, Commander ... Your son saved our lives. Of all of us..!

The shuttle is approaching the baseship.

BALTAR: My Leader, stay with me! You'll be back home in a flash. You will be repaired. And then you may take revenge on these people who tried to destroy you!

Throne room.

CYLON: We have lost contact to the drone.
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Time to detonation?
CYLON: One Centon.

BALTAR: Cylon baseship, this is Count Baltar. Requesting permission to land! It's urgent!
CYLON2: Count Baltar, landing permission granted!
BALTAR: Thank you! Send a special tech team to the landing bay immediately! I need help!
CYLON2: By your command!


ADAR: My brothers and sisters, I believe we have just escaped a treacherous attack. Thanks to this young warrior. (sees Ambrosa spot on Apollo's uniform and smells at him)… Erh, did you drink?
APOLLO: Uhm ...
ADAMA: Mr President, I hate to interrupt but this baseship is still fully operational, floating right before our nose.
ADAR: Yes, you’re right. Put the fleet on alert immediately! (looks around) Where is Baltar?

The shuttle lands aboard the baseship. Baltar gets out and pulls the drone with him.

BALTAR: Quick! Quick! Our Leader needs help! He was shot!
CYLON2: This is not our Leader!
BALTAR: What?!

Throne room.

CYLON: Count Baltar has arrived. He has brought the drone with him.
IMPERIOUS LEADER: He did whaaat?! (the screen switches to a life feed from the hangar bay)
BALTAR (confused): But ... My Leader, how can you be here and there at the same time?
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Time to detonation?
CYLON: Ten microns!
BALTAR: Detonation?
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Disable the bomb!
CYLON: Impossible. The deactivation module has been destroyed.
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Centurion! Erect a force field around this drone immediately! We must constrain the force of the explosion!
CYLON: Force field established!

Baltar is enclosed by the force field. He is horrified.

BALTAR: Wait! I’m still inside the force field! Let me out! Immediately!
IMPERIOUS LEADER: We thank you for your help, Baltar. Your service was formidable but it is no longer required. Goodbye!

BALTAR: What?! How dare you?! NOOOOOOOOO !!!

The drone explodes, kills Baltar, and tears half the hangar bay apart. The blast rips through the baseship, the hangar bay gate is torn out of its hinges. Galactica’s bridge crew observes the gigantic explosion.

TIGH: Report!
OMEGA: There was a huge explosion inside the baseship.

IMPERIOUS LEADER: Damage report!
CYLON: Hangar bays one to four destroyed, half of our Raiders are incapacitated. Severe damage to the inner core.
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Launch the remaining Raiders and destroy Atlantia!
CYLON: By your command!

Raiders are launching. Galactica.

OMEGA: Colonel, they’re launching their Raiders! Shall we open fire?
TIGH: Not yet!

The baseship activates her mega laser and hits Atlantia.

TIGH: That's it! They have started to fire! To all ships: Return fire! Launch all Vipers! Protect the Atlantia!

The battlestars fire at the baseship. Atlantia receives three heavy hits, more Raiders are launching (like in “ID4”).

CYLON: Imperious Leader, all human battleships are ready for battle!
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Impossible! We have taken them by surprise!
CYLON: Apparently it was not as big a surprise as we had hoped for!

TIGH: Atlantia’s shield generator was destroyed by the mega laser. Direct the fire upon us and protect them!


OMEGA: The main lasers of all ships are charged and ready to fire!
TIGH: Do it!

IMPERIOUS LEADER: Retreat baseship!
CYLON: It is too late! They have surrounded us!
IMPERIOUS LEADER: Start the evacuation sequence! Eject the inner core!
CYLON: Impossible! The explosion of the drone has destroyed the automatic ejector! We are stuck!

The baseship is taking a massive beating, her outer hull is melting and glows yellow-red. The battlestars fire torpedoes and lasers into the center of the baseship. View from the Leader’s throne: the room explodes (bright light), the Imperious Leader explodes (like the Aliens in “Aliens”), the baseship blows up. The remaining Raiders are shot down or hit by debris. The Vipers land. Apollo heads back to Galactica in his Viper.
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JOHN (on screen): Congratulations, Captain Apollo. You did it! The colonies have been saved.
APOLLO: Yes, I know. And what’s next?
JOHN: Well, everyone will continue to live their lives like they have done before.
APOLLO: But what about peace? Yesterday you said we would live in peace.
JOHN: Yes, I said that.
APOLLO: What do you mean?
JOHN: I'm sorry, but I cannot explain this to you. Not yet. You have changed your future. It follows another path now.
APOLLO: Will we ever be searching for Earth and get to know all the different planets and beings?
JOHN: No. And that's better for all of you.
APOLLO: Do you really think so?
JOHN: My son, I know so.
APOLLO: Then we part ways now?
JOHN: Apparently so. One more thing: It was very risky to fire at the drone. How did you know your action wouldn’t trigger the bomb?
APOLLO: I didn’t!
APOLLO: All I knew for sure was that a certain friend of Terra wouldn’t allow a simple bomb to kill me so close to the goal.
JOHN: Well ... (smiles) Take care of yourself, Captain. Goodbye! (waves and disappears)

Apollo lands. Galactica bridge.

ADAR (on screen): I’d like to thank you for your support, Commander. Your men have fought well and saved us all from destruction.
ADAMA: It was an honour, Mr President.
ADAR: One more thing: How could it be that our ships were battle-ready so quickly?
ADAMA: I don’t know. Apparently the Lords were well-disposed toward us.
ADAR: How true, how true. (screen turns off)

Apollo is coming.

ADAMA (embraces Apollo): You have done well! I’m proud of you, my son.
APOLLO: Thank you, father.
ADAMA: The President will award you the star cluster. For outstanding performance and bravery.
OMEGA: Sir, the damage report.
ADAMA: Thank you, Lieutenant.

Apollo sees Athena crying, goes to her.

ATHENA: No ... Starbuck!

Apollo is shocked. Zack takes his arm.

ZACK: I tried to save him, but he didn’t see him...
APOLLO: I'll go and tell Cassiopeia ...
ZACK: Who?
APOLLO: Never mind ...


Caprica. A sunny day. The house of Apollo's parents.

ILA: How nice of you to see me, my boy. Come in. I've heard what happened. How do you feel?
APOLLO: To be honest, mother, not so well ... He was my best friend ... I would have done everything for him.
ILA: I know it's hard to lose someone like him. During all these yahren he became a part of the family. He was like a third son to me. I will miss him.
APOLLO: Mother, it's just not fair!
ILA: War is never fair. Starbuck knew the risk.
APOLLO: It's just ... If I hadn’t changed patrols ...
ILA: ... then maybe you or your brother hadn’t come back, who knows. It doesn’t make any sense to speculate what could have happened.
APOLLO: Father arranged a memorial ceremony. Zack and Athena will attend, too. Shortly before he was shot, he saved the lives of several wingmen. Father will award him the star cluster posthumously ... I wished I had flown with him...
ILA: It's not your fault. You've made the right decision. Without you the colonies would have been gone. Starbuck was an optimist, an idealist. He wouldn’t have wanted you to mourn for the rest of your life. He would have wanted you to always remember the beautiful moments you both shared together.
APOLLO: Did you say that to Athena, too?
ILA: You can’t change the past. What has happened, has happened.
APOLLO: ... I … I love you, mother ..! (kisses her forehead)

Caprica City Mall. Apollo is going for a walk. Peace posters and flags are being taken down.

MAN: There, there's one of them! (runs towards Apollo) This is all your fault! (pushes Apollo to the ground) Without you we would have had peace! If you hadn’t sabotaged the negotiations, then ...
SERINA: Wait! What’s that supposed to be? Let him go! Without him we would have been all dead!
APOLLO (surprised): ... It's true ... (stands up) The Cylons would have destroyed us all ...

The man grunts and leaves.

SERINA: Are you from a battlestar?
APOLLO: Yes, from Galactica. I am Captain Apollo.
SERINA: Nice to meet you, Captain. I am…
APOLLO: Serina, I know. I watch the Caprica News.
SERINA: Your face looks familiar to me. Have we met before?
APOLLO: Surely you've seen the interview I gave. It was broadcast on every channel …
SERINA: Yeah, that may be it...

A dog is coming.

BOXEY: Muffit! Come here! You're not supposed to jump at strangers, are you ?!
APOLLO: Oh, that's alright.
SERINA: May I introduce: This is my son, Boxey.
APOLLO: Hello!
BOXEY: Good morning! Please excuse Muffit’s behaviour, but he's just a daggit.
SERINA: And this is my friend, Ted.
TED: Pleased to meet you, Captain!
APOLLO: Erh ... yes ...
TED: Hey, I know you! From the news! You have thwarted the evil plan of the Cylons. Do you know what's funny, Cap? Serina and I have met at the victory celebration. So in a way it was you who brought us together. And now you’re standing right before us and we can shake hands.
APOLLO: Yes, this is a really fascinating coincidence ...
TED: Or fate.
SERINA: I'm sorry but we have to hurry. The shops are closing in 30 centons and we still have no dinner.
TED: It was an honour, Captain. Maybe we’ll meet again. Let’s go, honey! (kisses Serina, Apollo looks up)

The family leaves, Apollo freezes.

APOLLO: Okay, John. I got it. ... John, do you hear me?! I got it! ... This is not my world! I don’t belong here! Bring me back! ... John! ... John !!! (other people start staring at him) I don’t want this anymore! John!!!

Apollo is running through the streets and is suddenly hit by a rover mobile. Serina hears the knocking sound and turns around. Apollo is lying motionlessly on the ground, people are gathering around him.

1: What happened?
2 (shocked): I … He just ran into my car! I really didn’t see him!
SERINA (bends over him): Apollo, do you hear me? Say something! Apollo! Apollo!

Zoom in on Apollo's face and montage: flashes of light: Zack's death (ADAMA: That was my son ...), Atlantia explodes, SERINA (kisses Apollo on Kobol): I love you, you relentless realist → Serina's death (BOXEY: She won the war ... all by herself) → blast of Mt Hekla → Iblis’ true form → JOHN: We are brothers. → Sheba’s kiss → APOLLO: I had a dream? - JOHN: Good idea! → CLICK! (black screen.)


Life Center. Apollo regains consciousness, opens his eyes slowly, recognizes Dr. Salik and Cassie.

CASSIE: Apollo! Apollo! Doctor, I think he's coming back.
SALIK: Captain! How do you feel?
APOLLO: What ... where am I?
CASSIE: You’re in Life Center. You’ve been injured by an electric shock. At first we thought we had lost you.
APOLLO: An electric shock?
SALIK: A rotten cable at the cockpit suspension. When you were starting your engines the interior was struck by an overload.
APOLLO: I don’t remember anything ...
SALIK: I’d be surprised if you could.
APOLLO: Cassie ... Starbuck?
STARBUCK: I'm here, buddy.
SHEBA: You’ve scared us to death.
APOLLO: How long was I … gone?
SALIK: Two or three centons.
APOLLO: Centons?
SALIK: I'd like to run a complete check-up on you.
APOLLO: Yes ... yes, of course ...

Apollo is sitting on a bed. Sheba, Boxey and Muffit are with him.

APOLLO: I can hardly believe it ... Everything was so real ..!
SHEBA: Are you glad it wasn’t real?
APOLLO: In a way, yes. Father doesn’t know if my experience is of significance. I think my subconsciousness has played a trick on me.
BOXEY: That's nothing out of the ordinary. Dr Salik said this phenomenon was so widespread that people have come up with a special technical term for it.
BOXEY: They call it a "dream". (smiling)
APOLLO (laughs): Yes ... But I must admit, somehow it helped me understand things better.
SHEBA: What do you mean?
APOLLO: The whole fate of mankind was in my hands. I was able to change things to achieve my goal.
SHEBA: But the result was completely different from what you had hoped for.
APOLLO: John said it had been better if we had never begun searching for Earth. Could it be that something has been set in motion by our journey, bearing consequences we are unable to foresee?
SHEBA: No idea. I’m sure future will tell.
BOXEY: Grandfather says dreams always have a meaning.
ADAMA (coming): That is correct. And regarding to your special experience I can tell you this: (sits down) We always have only one chance in life. The experiences we make are the key to our evolution. No matter how pleasing or painful they may be, whether the decisions we make transform us into higher beings or lead us into catastrophe. We must live with the consequences of our actions and learn how to deal with them. This is what turns us into rational beings.
APOLLO: I think you're right. I was living in the past for far too long. Since Zack’s death I was constantly thinking about what might have happened if I had acted differently. I lost the ability to realize the basics. It's time for me to look at the future. Maybe that’s what John wanted to tell me ... And I think I’m able to love someone again ...

Sheba kisses Apollo’s cheek. Cassie and Salik are standing apart.

CASSIE: What do you think about his story?
SALIK: I don’t know. I’d rather know how he was able to survive this discharge. It was strong enough to kill ten trumpet animals.
CASSIE: Maybe he had a guardian angel ...
SALIK: Or he is not from this world ...

Apollo looks through the window at the fleet. Suddenly he sees John's image behind his shoulder. He turns around and recognizes that John is not there.


Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny…


In Memory of Edward Mulhare.



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