GALACTICA 6551: 13. The Voice of the Serpent


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Aug 1, 2009

13. The Voice of the Serpent


by Marcell von dem Berge
(© 01.01.1999 / revision 8/2017)


Based on the classic television series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA created by Glen A. Larson
and on characters created by Glen A. Larson.
Battlestar Galactica © ® & ™ Universal City Studios.
This script is free. It is a non-profit fan project and for personal use only.
No infringement intended.
No commercial use.


There are those, who believe…



John Colicos as Baltar
Patrick MacNee as Count Iblis


Baltar‘s asteroid. A deserted place consisting of rocks, rubble and debris where the sun never shines. A place devoid of any love - and hope.

A bleak day. Like many before. Baltar is sitting by the fire, wearing a blanket draped like a hood, cooking some soup. He is depressed and throws empty cans into a crater near his hut which is poorly constructed of boards and sheets. The crater is almost completely filled with garbage.

BALTAR: Five sectars! Five sectars and still no response! Damn, what the frak are they doing?! I have wired the transmitter to the stone to boost the signal. They should have received it by now! Where the frak are they???

Baltar looks up. A little girl in a dress with dark hair and two braids is sitting in front of him. She stares at him and does not speak a word.

BALTAR: And you, you, don’t stare at me like that! You're still eating me out of house and home! There is already too little left for the two of us. (the girl stays silent and looks at Baltar) We’ll both starve to death before the yahren is over! Just take a look at you! You're so skinny, like you are starving already. ... Ah well, this is the last time I'll give you something. Here! Take it! (offers a can to the girl, she stays mute and keeps looking at Baltar) ... Still not hungry, huh? Your fault. But don’t blame me when it’s too late.

Baltar gets up and starts walking around. The girl is following him silently.

BALTAR: You know, I doubt you'll ever find a more boring place in the universe than this one. There is absolutely nothing here. No light, no warmth, no vegetation, absolutely nothing. Just me, a leaky hut, a bunch of field rations, a short-range transmitter. And rocks, rocks, rocks. And now you, too ... (stops) Adama has put me here, that’s something I remember. But, for Sagan’s sake, how did you get here? Didn’t you eat up your mash? Did you disobey your parents? Oh, I forgot, you are unable to speak. ... Or you don’t want to speak. Well, that’s up to you. However, it would definitely be better for you if you would learn it. That would save me a lot of work.

Both proceed to the crashed Crystalith. It is lying half buried in a crater. It is pulsating and emitting energy. You hear a pulsating humming sound.

BALTAR: Look, I was here first. Then this stone fell from the sky. And then came you. From one day to the next. But from where? If I wasn’t so desperate, you would have driven me mad. You don’t say anything, you don’t eat anything, and yet you are here. Just because. And you always follow me wherever I go. What do you want from me? I’m neither your father nor your mother. I can’t give anything to you. I can’t even give anything to myself under these conditions.

Baltar kneels down to the wired Crystalith, the transmitter is placed beside it.

BALTAR: I don’t know what you are, but this stone here gives me more than you ever could! It provides me with light, warmth and energy for the transmitter to work. You’re just standing there, you stupid brat! ... Don’t look at me like that! Now say something! Or I'll throw you into the fire and eat you up!
GIRL (speaking with a deep man’s voice): Well, well, there is absolutely no need to lose your nerves, my old friend!
BALTAR (confused): Erh, what?
GIRL: Yes. Remember. You know me. Look deep inside yourself. We have met before. Many sectars ago.
BALTAR: That voice ... Am I insane, or is it truly you? (looking around hastily)
GIRL: What do you think?
BALTAR: Oh, it is you! But why this masquerade? Have you sunk so far that you have to hide behind the image of a little girl?! Show yourself, you devil! Drop the mask!

The little girl turns into - Count Iblis!

IBLIS: It’s nice to meet you again.
BALTAR: Iblis! What do you want?!
IBLIS: I wanted to see how you were doing. Don’t you feel lonely, after all this time, alone and forgotten on this desolate rock?
BALTAR: Are you here to make fun of me and my pathetic situation? Ohh, how typical of you. Really typical!
IBLIS: Calm down, old friend. There are a few things you do not understand. Yet.
BALTAR: Save your words. What is it you want?!
IBLIS: I have come to make you an offer.
BALTAR: You - me? What could I possibly give you? ... Ohh, you mean that stone that fell from the heavens?
IBLIS: You're straight to the point, Baltar. I always liked that about you.
BALTAR (turns around, the Crystalith is casting its light on him): ... No. I can't give it to you. It’s a gift.
IBLIS (standing behind Baltar): Do you really think the Imperious Leader can be soothed? You left your ship for no reason, teamed up with the enemy and allowed the humans to destroy a base star. And as a reward they released you and even gave you a transmitter.
BALTAR: I ... I didn’t do any harm to the Empire..! The Leader will rejoice over my gift and reinstate me.
IBLIS: The Leader will believe that you have betrayed him and the Empire, and that you are going to deceive him. Your "gift" will even increase his mistrust. He will have you executed without hesitation. You will never leave this dead asteroid alive. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life here? In complete solitude? In darkness and cold? Forever forgotten in the infinity of space?
BALTAR: ... No ..! No! Or..? What is your suggestion?
IBLIS: I’m offering what you’ve been dreaming of all the time. The domination of every human being in the galaxy.
BALTAR: That doesn’t sound too bad ... (turns around) But - wait a centon, that can’t be all. What’s your gain? ... Oh, it's the stone! You want it! But why? What can it do for you? What’s your profit in this?
IBLIS: Our profit. We cannot achieve anything alone. Together we can rule the universe! Let’s join forces!
BALTAR (turns back to the stone): What is this? What is it able to do, aside from shining and humming all day long?
IBLIS: These stones preserve the primal forces of the universe. The one who keeps them is omnipotent and invincible.
BALTAR: You speak of more than one?
IBLIS: Yes. I know the location of two more of them. With your help we may get the others, too..!
BALTAR: And then nothing would be impossible?
IBLIS: This term would no longer exist..! ... In a few centars, a base star will arrive which has accidentally received your distress signal. I'll ensure that they will follow you. You decide.
BALTAR: Why don’t you just take it?
IBLIS: My powers are big, but we need a ship to get the other stones. They are scattered all over the universe and even for me it would take an eternity to collect them all one by one. And you see for yourself that my pockets are not large enough to carry such a large object with me.
BALTAR: Ha! You don’t even have any pockets!
IBLIS: Your senses are as sharp as always. That's good. ... The stones are moving away from us in this very moment and their speed equals mine. I would never be able to reach them all. No, I must bring them to me - … to us. We’ll need a ship for that. In addition, we will encounter resistance during our journey, which is easier to overcome with a base star.
BALTAR: I understand ...
IBLIS: Well, old friend, oblivion or omnipotence, it's all up to you. Are you with me?
BALTAR: … Agreed!
IBLIS: A wise decision, Baltar! You will not regret it..!

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