Ford GPA - micro diorama in the walnut (1: 150)


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Jan 3, 2010
Ford GPA - micro diorama in the walnut (1: 150)


So after a year I have next micro diorama in the walnut. (my past dioramas in the walnut was the Farm:
and the First Aid:

Model glued in competition Walnut 2019, which organizes The essence of this competition is to glue the model to any technique and place it into the shell of walnut so that you can completely close.

I tried in the walnut create the following diorama:
The story takes place in the West Europe, at the end of summer 1944, American soldier is rushes to his division.
Dioramas captures the moment when the surpasses on your Ford GPA of the river. There's a little angry a villager , which here caught fish, next to the road stands another a villager, which came watered your horse, from the mountains comes another with the cow...A dog runs next to the car not yet seen a cat next to a fisherman ...
The car is fully loaded, at the back he has except a medicine cabinet also a backpack with equipment a in the passenger seat is ready rifle ... diorama I glued the following free model:
-Ford GPA - resize from 1:87 to 1:150 (R & P Models)
In the walnut I finally used 8 plastic figures.

So like last year I glued the walnut on the stem of the cup, on which I engraving the as last time, I did the pedestal, where is the description of the model and a couple of photos...

...a few photos:

010-062.jpg 015.jpg 020.jpg 030.jpg 040.jpg 050.jpg 060.jpg 070-020.jpg (lots of photos from the building and the finished walnut):



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Apr 6, 2013
That is "nuts"!!! Very impressive, even caught my wife's eye! :)