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Jan 16, 2012
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Hi All

After quite a long process of should I ? or should I not?

I have finally made my mind up with regards to releasing the model to the world.....

It has been a interesting thing of selling the plans on EBAY and so on, and in what format that of plans only that would be downloaded, then going down the road of setting that up.
Other options of selling parts of the model and downloading again...

Looking at the what it is going to cost to set this all up, and managing it all for maybe 2 to 10 people downloading it, and that it is not worth it....

SO.... this is what is going to happen....

I have uploaded the model to a dropbox account of mine, there is two versions to download:
1:- The complete package all in a .zip file which is setup in a directory called complete, the file is about 73MB's.
2:- All of the files that are in the .zip are there to be downloaded in single form, so you can download what you need and want in this case.
To get the web address link to the model artworks and instructions you need to EMAIL me at the following address ONLY !!!
I will not answer private message requests in my mail as that is for messaging for day to day chats on the forum...

The email address:

I require the following info from you:
1: Your email address to send the link.
2: Your Real name and country.
3: Papermodel Group name that you are logged into and your user name.

The reason for this is so that I can see who and where the model is been built.
Please remember each email link is unique to you.

I will do my best to reply to you as soon as one can, so give it a day or 3 but I will get back to you.



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Apr 6, 2013
That's a very fair offer. I am going to make this a sticky. :)
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