Fan Fiction (Writings, Illustrations and Renderings)

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Rhaven Blaack

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Jun 12, 2009

1) All stories, illustrations, and renderings that are posted on this forum must be within the PG-13 rating Meaning, no extreme vulgarity, no explicit sex, no graphic depictions of violence (i.e. graphic dismemberment, disembowelment, or anything else of that nature).

2) All material will be reviewed and moderated for approval by the admin and moderating staff before.

3) All stories, illustrations, and renderings that are posted on this forum are FREE and CLEAR of publishing, copyright. What has been released remains released, even if the content is deleted from the forum. In essence, the same rules that applies to paper models, apply to this content as well. Once a story, illustration, or rendering has been released here it will remain "free" and cannot be commercialized later-on.

4) If you are looking at having a story professionally published by a distributor in order to make some additional money, you are not allowed to post anything in the section.

5) All fan-written stories based on a movie or book franchise should include a fair use note in order to avoid legal issues with the franchise owner. The most important parts being "free / not for sale" and "no infringement intended". I could come up with a standard note to copy and paste.

6) All works must be original works, meaning original by the poster's. Fandom writing is considered original stories based on existing stories. No stories someone told you once, or you read once. This should be self explanatory, if in doubt, P.M. zathros or Rhaven Blaack.
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