AKA Dinoreplicas
Quick screengrab from Blender. Usual 3-point-lighting plus an extra spotlight to put shine on the sword. Changed the shield bronze to grey to differentiate colour from bone. Need to make some renders for BlenderMarket gallery. Blue and purple make the best contrasting background for bone colours but I'm thinking of trying red, maybe a dark sky with a rust coloured horizon.



AKA Dinoreplicas
Thanks guys, Just about done with this project now
Prepping some files for Blender Market. Baked the adjustable material to individual colour, specular and roughness images


For promo renders I'm putting a few poses through this red environment. Mostly done, giving them a bit of spit and polish



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Fantastic render. Just one question, why do skulls always look like they're smiling?


AKA Dinoreplicas
As always, thanks for the kind words guys
Agree skeletons do have an unsettling grin. I hope mine is giving this vibe, it's sure not trying to be friendly :)

A few more of the gallery renders. The chaise lounge pic exists because Blender Market’s product galley seems to be better with widescreen pics which is a bit of a layout challenge for tall subjects. Wanted at least one pic showing the whole figure I just put it in a recline pose, hence the big chair.
Might as well provide those old bones with a bit of comfort :)